Saturday, 21 August 2010

Day 253 Sat 21/08/10 - If you are squeamish don't look!

Sorry chaps, I did say I wasn't going to write for a bit but can't keep away...

And for those that are squeamish, don't scroll down...this is for people out there who may read this and have something looks frightening at first but our bodies are amazing things if you look after them!!!

I had my first bath since before my op on Jan 20th...It was a bit of an occassion as Charlotte had brought me some Badedas for my birthday and unfortunately I haven't been able to use it until a couple of hours last dressing came off my stomach as well, after 2 months of healing up and as Stanley is now safely back where he should be it was time for the long awaited bath...I even had a beer, something I used to enjoy after a long week!

2 weeks after stanley was put back...Mid July!

Next one a couple of weeks later:

And a couple of hours ago - now things have settled I can start doing a few sit-ups to get rid of the tummy!

That bath was a real milestone...

Any way off to bed now, too much excitement for one day!

T xx

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Day 236 Weds 04/08/10 - What doesn't kill you makes you stronger!

Hello all,

Time to shut down definitely for the summer and have a break from cancer...this has been my whole life for the past 2 years...From the getting up in the night every hour and being exhausted because a big tumour was pressing on my bladder to the diagnosis on 11.12.10 to the confirmation on Christmas Eve.

Two things:

1. I went back to work on Monday initially for a couple of hours a day - it already feels like I have never been away, thanks Richard!

2. I had cancer and now I don't, my CEA Blood results are back with a level of 1.1 (0 to 2.5 are the normal range). Any higher they can tell there is a recurrence of the bowel cancer. Next step is the full CT scan in October 2010 so time to live a bit until then! Personally I feel better than I have for a long, long time, even better than before due to my diet and my mental state.

This has been the worst 8 months of my life and to quote Shents (another beautiful ex cancer patient) it has also been the best 8 months of my life.

I have read horrendous and sad stories on the cancer chat forum about people being deserted by friends, family and God but I can say here and now that not one deserted me...

Who do I give special mentions to..there are too many and for fear that I may leave someone know who you are...if you read this or get it by email you know who you are!

Actually there is one special mention, a person actually who I could not have done this without...Fran x

Thank-you all - I could not have done it without you!

Much Love and God bless

Tony x