Saturday, 24 July 2010

Day 225 Sat 24/07/2010

Hi all,

It is almost time to close this one down for the summer :-).

I have been signed off from my oncologist and have my cancer programme set-up:

CT Scans every 6-9 months
Formal review yearly


3 monthly CEA blood tests - I had one a couple of days ago so waiting on the test results, I have popped some details down:

Carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA) is a protein normally found in the tissue of a developing baby in the womb. Blood levels of this protein disappear or become very low after birth. In adults, an abnormal amount of CEA may be a sign of cancer.

I am doing loads of 'stuff' to reduce the chances of it coming back which we should all do anyways, cancer or not...

Tony's 5 step plan is the way forward for normals too :-)

Cancer Hates the lord...Increase prayer
Cancer Loves sugar...Decrease sugar
Cancer Hates oxygen...Increase oxygen
Cancer Loves depression...Increase happiness/Decrease stress
Cancer Loves dirty blood...Increase detox, water and green iron enriched vegetables/Decrease alcohol and processed foods

I'll let you know the results of the blood tests when they are in.


Tony xx

Thursday, 15 July 2010

The Power of Friendship and Prayer

With all the traditional and complementary therapies that have been working continuously, they would not have been as successful without the huge power of prayer and love that has surrounded me throughout...I have felt God's love and protection on many, many occasions and at my most painful it is my strong belief and the warm blanket of your friendship that has helped me through.

There are still checks to be done to confirm but I am confident everything I and all around me (Globally) are doing will sort me out!

Much Love and God Bless

Tony xx

Day 216 Thu 15/07/10

I have spent the past two days up in Northumberland visiting my integrative therapist Dr Kate James (an amazing person - Thank-you Kate for so much!). Integrative therapy uses the amazing power of conventional and holistic medicine working together in harmony! We did some (actually quite alot of EFT) where I found out all sorts of things about myself and closed a few doors well and truly shut. It seems that the work Fran and I had been working on (Fran is a highly experienced EFT practitioner) had come to a close. I now have a daily routine of supplements and procedures to detox me and get me internally working at optimum strength. In addition will be embarking on a the 'Matlock Fitness Regime' (It involves walking up and down the hills in town) to get my cardio-vascular and muscles working.

I truly believe I no longer have cancer 'I AM CURED' and if it does come a knocking at my door then I will be more than equipped to kick its arse!

There are some out there in the big wide world that will be sceptical of a holistic approach however I have experienced how good I feel and will be continuing...this is a life changing regime that is with me now into old age!

The rest of my long life will be an adventure, who knows where it will take me!

I had my oncologist appointment last Monday which was just a sign-off to check I was okay after the radiotherapy...Next step is to visit the Colorectal team on Monday 19th July to plan out the next few months of checks etc.

Wound healing amazingly well!

Things have not been easy for anyone over the past 7 months however time to move on and get back to work and on with MY LIFE!

Much Love and God Bless

Tony xx

Saturday, 10 July 2010

Day 212 - Sat 10/07/10

Well, today is a good day...

I slept in until 10:00 when Fran woke me with a cup of green tea. I didn't sleep that well last night for one reason or another and felt bad for Fran as she doesn't sleep well anyway...

I don't know If I have told you but Fran has been sleeping in the spare room for the past few months...not because we don't get on but so I can feel at ease with my pain and changing Stanley (my stoma for all those that may have forgotten :-) ). Fran can get some sleep without being woken by me peering out the bedroom window at 3am or getting my 'stanley pack' together for a 2am change (bit like going back to my baby years). It was a decision that was natural and suited us both...however as I got better and had the reversal, wound healing etc we went back to the normal arrangement. It was nice to have a cuddle and a chat just before 'lights out' and nice to wake up in the early hours and to peer at Fran sleeping...things are certainly getting back to normal.

Went to see Dr P on Friday and thankful for some ointment...

Went to Wirksworth and had a cup of tea out yesterday (Friday) - Just before we went out it struck me that we had not just gone out together for sometime and just had a stroll and a cup of tea...I am sure I asked her several times if she was sure she could spare the time and if it was okay that we were spending a couple of hours out of the house....just felt strange and unreal at first. We had a lovely pot of tea and brought some homemade pies for lunch today (they were lovely).

Went to Barbara and Grayden's for 'a bit of a do' (Happy Birthday B)last night and I stayed out until nearly midnight....woooooo! I drank some lovely fizzy water and ate cheese and biscuits and the loveliest bombay mix and had a good laugh...there were approx 10 people sitting in the garden chatting, laughing, eating and drinking...everyone gets on so well.

I looked at the Third-Space website today as Paul and Fi's son-in-law Phil is building Fran's new website and he is modelling some of the features on the Third-Space structure. I looked at recent events and Sunday services in the park which just reading about makes you feel all warm inside...on navigating about I also caught site of an entry entitled 'Welcome Home Tony'... Fran was with me as I was showing her what her website might looklike... reading the words with Steve's comment brought tears to me eyes (again, I thought I had done with all that)...

Looking forward to Church tomorrow, it is a holy communion service with our minister Lyn, always good and nourishing, also Fran has made shortbread for after the service.

Just had a call from my elder brother Frank...amazingly he is in hospital in Bristol after having a perforated large intestine...he had to have emergency surgery and now has a bag just like the one I used to have...we chatted about stuff and I made him feel a whole lot better by saying that the staples hurt when they take them out...I wrongly assumed he had them removed already but unfortunately he has that pleasure to come...wishing you all the best for a speedy recovery x.

Finally...Checked on the cancer research site just now as I do daily...I have found a calling which is pulling me in a direction that feels natural...there are so many people that need a listening ear and are panic stricken because of this terrible and disgusting disease. The fellowship we feel that within a few days most start to branch out and advise other newer and more established users means so much...this is a community that I never want to be away from...there are so many beautiful people on there that are struggling but find the time to talk through their issues...One person Tanya I have not heard from in nearly a month, the promised poem she was going to write all the way from the US has not materialised and I have a terrible sick feeling in my stomach that she is no longer with us...she only had several months left and if she has moved on then she will be at peace and no longer in pain...I am hoping I will get that poem but somehow I think it may not arrive...God Bless!

I wasn't going to write until Monday but all of a sudden I have a lot to say..

Much Love to all

Tony xx

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Day 210 Thu 08/07/10

DONT READ ON IF YOU DONT WANT GRAPHIC DETAILS - HOWEVER THERE IS A LEARNING POINT HERE FOR ALL..Just because it says Aloe Vera, doesn't mean to say it will soothe you!!!

Oh my goodness...

I went back on my wheatgrass late last night and this morning and I can tell you it had a devastating effect on my stomach. I reckon my poor large intestine needs a bit more time to adjust to normal food.

I was so, so sore I was crying out in pain but the worst of it came when I spotted some aloe vera aftersun on the windowsill in the bathroom...I applied some to the sore area and I screamed.

Note to self...don't confuse aloe vera aftersun with the natural plant extract as the aftersun apparently has alcohol in it...ouch!

Anyways, back to normality..

I am looking to go back to work soon in about a weeks time...can't wait and I am sure I have got under Fran's feet a bit :-)

Went to Third-Space last night...all were on great form, planned out the next few months and all focused well on the year ahead diary...not! Sorry B for misbehaving and not paying attention :-)

Ma an Pa, little sis Jane and hubby Paul came for a visit yesterday and brought some lovely plants for the garden...always good to see them and have a nice chat about ME! So sorry they got caught in traffic on the way home and the 3 hr journey turned into 5 1/2.

Wound looking good and healing amazingly well, district nurse came today and is so pleased will come again on Monday.

Unless anything crazy happens will update again after my oncologist appointment on Monday.

Have a great weekend all!

Tony x

Monday, 5 July 2010

Day 207 Mon 05/07/10

Hello Blog and readers,

Just in case you are interested, things are moving along just nicely thankyou. No more frantic rushing about and sleeping in the en-suite although timings are a little random so hoping to be a bit more regular soon!

Wound is healing nicely and district nurse comes every 3 days now. Time to think about going back to work (Yes I know I need to take it easy...with nearly 7 months off I am going to be taking it slowly). I have a great support network with Richard and Alistair looking after my welfare from RRD..Cheers Chaps!

I am getting the physical side sorted but need to look at the psychological impacts this cancer has had....just thought yesterday and today that I probably need to face up to this side sooner rather than later otherwise will all come crashing down later down the road. I have been going on the cancer research website and chatting with other sufferers and although this has helped me enormously I feel it has also masked what I actual feel deep down....I have logged a lot of what I think on here but now believe I need to face up to the past, present and future before moving on properly....looking into hows and whys so will keep you posted. What started this...well I have always been a bit grumpy and when I found out I had cancer I seemed to chill a bit as the old neuroses didn't seem that all I seem to be thinking of is when will it come back and how will I deal with it....I hope it doesn't come back in the bowel as don't want all that again but then is that better than the other sites of metastasis, the lungs or liver...see what I just rolls on and is coming out as anger as I have been even grumpier than usual and there seems so much anger in the front of my head... Please don't worry as I will get it you know this blog is initially for my thoughts and secondly to let you all know how I am thinking....I just want to move Wend said last week, give it time Tone! x

Went to Matlock Moor service on Sunday - Peter was preaching, it is always good to see and listen to him...his delivery is good, strong and honest. Looking forward to seeing Lyn our minister on Thursday (Note to Fran: no happy shopper biscuits) and then have holy communion on Sunday so will definitely try and make it twice in a row!

Must go and hug my wife now so will catch up soon....

Much love

Tony xx