Monday, 28 June 2010

Day 200 Mon 28/06/10

If you don't want to hear about my body functions then stop reading now, otherwise read on as this is an honest and warts n all account...

Been a bit in pain today and after my newly connected bowels going into overdrive, slowed to zero for a couple of days. Then I spent the first half of the football match in the en-suite...seemed rather apt!

I have been worried as I have my oncologist appointment later today and had huge concerns about going out and away from my en-suite for any distance (6 ft or more).This appointment is to check on how I am after radiotherapy as a sort of follow-up...I have the official 6 month check next month. Fran suggested that I give them a call in the morning and explain the situation and as I always do what Fran says will call them in the morning....I will suggest that Dr F calls me at home unless absolutely needs to see me face 2 face. If that is the case I will reschedule when I settle down a bit and can walk better.

The District nurses have been coming along each day except Sunday and doing a fine job in taking out the packing and redressing my wound...It is looking clean and healthy so far.

I tried some of my 'Dr Schulzes' superfood today as want to get back to my regime of blended spinach and superfood drinks alongside the many supplements (Vit C, Multi vitamins and AFA). This turned out a big mistake....I will have to leave the superfood and spinach smoothies until my bowel settles.

Must get to bed and try and sleep...cant get used to sleeping on my back so lie awake for a bit....too much time to think!

Fran and I are enjoying the conservatory - there are a couple of armchairs in there that Fran got from freecycle which are perfect...we sit there chatting, drinking tea, admiring the garden or just quiet reading..this morning we combined EFT with prayer thanking the lord for the universe and its wonders and the healing that is occurring.

Catherine (our daughter) seems to be getting her head round sorting her self out...I really hope she can this time as she is a lovely girl (woman) who needs some level ground for a is all in her control!

T x

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Day 196 Thu 24/06/10

Just had a video call with Fran - she is downstairs in the conservatory and I am upstairs in bed - this is the view I get.... X

Well here I am back at home...totally surprised as this has been a text book operation - no infections, not dehydrated and can eat - this is great, mine and others prayers must have worked :-)

This is not a moan and is definitely not negative...

I was on Barnes ward instead of Staveley, at first I was not totally happy as felt so much more comfortable at the last ward as knew the nursing staff, dinner ladies and cleaners from my last visit, Staveley specialises in bowel surgery and Barnes throat and neck...

It took me about half an hour to remember/realise that the big man upstairs has a hand in my journey... In the bed in front of me is a chap who despite heavy throat surgery, a hugely swollen face, a tube in his neck to help him breath and a tube in his stomach to feed himself still showed a sense of humour, the human spirit that some are blessed with never ceases to amaze me...I was there to pray for him and as a reminder that whatever happens some are worse off than I. In the bed next to me was a chap who was in having a hernia operation (also should have been on staveley). The hernia followed a stoma reversal several months previously, he was a guide put before me to advise on the weeks ahead, chewing gum to fool the stomach into working and what foods to eat were just a couple of gems...

Operation went well on Monday morning...I was first on the list! Came round and had two lots of morphine and one lot of IV paracetamol wahoo! Fran stayed with me (not in the operating theatre) and was there when I woke up....what a welcome sight :-)

Tuesday, pain a bit much had paracetamol and codeine which numbs it a bit had some consommé (bovril in a bowl) and ice cream for dinner, didn't really feel like breakfast or lunch. Had really bad gripe pains all night so not much sleep.

Wednesday, things seem to be settling down a bit...getting up and about is a bit easier and needed to be as need to get to the toilet at a moments looks so far away!!! Ate well today half a bowl of porridge for breakfast, soup for lunch and mashed potato and gravy for dinner! Watched the England match...nuff said!

A sign that my operation was a success happened and has not stopped since...I certainly cannot and should not take any chances...No sleep apart from 10.00pm to 12.30am and then up all night watching TV interspersed by frequent trips to the room across the ward and is amazing how pain can be absolutely pushed through when in a hurry...there was no gently raising me up to a sitting position and lowering my legs to the floor...

Dressing changed today for the first time - they have left the wound open and packed with algenate which has seaweed as an ingrediant. It is about an inch long and 1/2 inch across with a good depth of about an inch. It is amazing to see. Maybe not the sentiment some would say but to look and watch your own body heal to that extent is cool!

Thursday, Due to the bowel activity I am allowed on calling Fran and after a bumpy ride home(darn that was painful) I am now up in bed typing my blog and watching the tv. Life... that deserves capitals and highlighting LIFE is good! Praise the lord!

T x

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Day 192 Sun 20/06/10

Hi All,

Photo shows my journey so far - fat bloke on the left is me a year ago and on the right a few weeks ago...soon I hope to have a 3rd photo of me as I am fully recovered and fit as a fiddle!

Had a great day on Fran's birthday with a lovely Indian meal to finish the day

Father's day was great - Kippers for breakfast with bread & butter and juice, Church was great as it was their 107th anniversary and Eileen made a strawberrys and cream was beautiful and I did note that the only criticism was that it needs to be a bit bigger next time :-) That was the last food until after the op as need to clear my tubes out...lovely!

Many thanks for the kind words of encouragement...all ready to go now and get this sorted. Just been to the hospital for my Tinzaparin injection in my tummy - It was nice to see a couple of familiar faces as spent 7 weeks on the same ward. The staff nurse was great and instead of having to go and do the formal lie on the bed and mess up a set of sheets I just stood in a side room and had the injection and was out in seconds. Being in for so long has its advantages as I know the drill and feel comfortable walking in there.

Speak to you all in a few days.

T x

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Just a quick one to say the words in the last post are from the song Sunshine by Gabrielle, Not my words but exactly what I would want to say...T x

Day 189 Thu 17/06/10

I have had enough now...changed my stoma (removed the name Stanley as not funny any-more, not that a leaking stoma was ever funny!). Anyway I am rambling...changed my stoma at 8pm and 11pm last night, then 5am and 8.30am this morning. It is so, so sore and I am feeling that the operation on Monday is now at risk so drastic action is required...

I asked Charlotte what she thought I should do and she wisely said that I should call the stoma nurse team. Called and spoke with the lovely Kim who said "Oh, hello we have just been talking about you". I am to pay them a visit at 11.45 today and hope they can sort the red raw skin out as the bags are just not able to stick to the skin properly hence the leaking and then more soreness as the output sits on the skin for a short while until I notice.

Called Fran as she is working away for a couple of days and we both had a few tears - we are nearly there!

It is Fran's birthday tomorrow so have just made sure her presents are wrapped in case I am admitted today (Fran told me where the sellotape was)

A few words for Fran...

Made a wish, I can dream
I can be what I want to be
Not afraid to live my life
And fulfil my fantasies

I learnt a lot of tricks to help me live my life
You helped me find my paradise
When you came into my life I saw

Sunshine through my window
That's what you are
My shining star
Making me feel like
I'm on top of the world
Telling me I'll go far

Reaching out, for the highs
You inspired me to try
I felt the magic inside
And I felt that I could fly
I'm looking at the world in an optimistic light
You made me appreciate my life
'Cos when you came into my life you were my

Sunshine through my window
That's what you are
My shining star
Making me feel like
I'm on top of the world
Telling me I'll go far

You are the calm
I am the storm
You are the breeze that carries me on
When I said a truth
You wink at me
You're there for me

Sunshine (oh yeah)
That's what you are
My shining star
Making me feel I'm on top of the world
Telling me that I'll go far
Sunshine through my window
That's what you are
My shining star

Cheers, love and gods blessings to you all that have supported me - family and friends...from prayers, emails, texts, call, visits, facebook, my blog and the cancer research forum, this has been an immense struggle..I have tried my best to be strong and brave but it is not easy.

Much love and Gods blessings to the lovely Marie (wife of David) - here's hoping she recovers quickly from her fall - Now there is true inspiration xx

T x

Monday, 7 June 2010

Day 179 Mon 07/06/10


Back from Whitby which was meant to be a sort of convalescence trip...

Dad and Mum came for a couple of days however the weather wasn't that good and I wasn't in the best of moods as my stoma would not stop bloody leaking and is so red raw sore, but really good to see Ma and Pa as don't get to see them enough...I think they had a good time.

You know what....I have just typed a detailed account and then have deleted one really wants to read the detailed account of what is happening.

All I am going to do is wait for the 21st June and will update you all shortly before to let you know how it is going...I have to tell myself that believe it or not there are people worst off than me.

Will speak to you all in a couple of weeks.


T x