Monday, 7 June 2010

Day 179 Mon 07/06/10


Back from Whitby which was meant to be a sort of convalescence trip...

Dad and Mum came for a couple of days however the weather wasn't that good and I wasn't in the best of moods as my stoma would not stop bloody leaking and is so red raw sore, but really good to see Ma and Pa as don't get to see them enough...I think they had a good time.

You know what....I have just typed a detailed account and then have deleted one really wants to read the detailed account of what is happening.

All I am going to do is wait for the 21st June and will update you all shortly before to let you know how it is going...I have to tell myself that believe it or not there are people worst off than me.

Will speak to you all in a couple of weeks.


T x

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  1. hey tone we had the best time !! loved to spend it with frances charlotte oh n of course you !!! specially the trip on the pirate ship ! you had a lot of pain n soreness to put up with , soon it will be sorted out n you b on the mend !!!we b up to see you soon love n thanks for whitby ma n pa xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx