Thursday, 27 May 2010

Day 168 - Thu 27/05/2010

Had my pre-op assessment!

Went really well today (apart from the stoma misbehaving). I had the usual chat with the nurse i.e blood pressure, heart rate etc. Then I went on to the more detailed discussion with another nurse to talk through my medical records etc and health, blood test taken and listening to my chest. She had the same name as my consultant/surgeon, didn't think much of that. She was really nice and calming.

Then Mr Simms came into the room to get me to sign the consent forms and discuss 'risks' and introduced me to his wife who had been looking after me for the past half an hour. Really nice, they are fantastic at Chesterfield and really put me at ease. I asked about the risks and he said they were standard and not related to the cancer so that settled my mind. He did say there was one precaution that as I had completed my radiotherapy recently the wounds tend not to heal as well and may be open to infection. Therefore he is to leave the surface of the wound open and pack it. I love the fact they don't just chop you and sew you up - there is real thought going in to the treatment...

I have had my fair share of set-backs but I absolutely know it is not due to the teams incompetence...if it happens it happens. I went up to the ward that I spent 7 weeks in as I needed to meet up with my stoma/colorectal nurses to review my stoma. I met a good few of the nurses that looked after me so well previously. The Stoma nurses had a look and redressed it using a different kind of barrier. I had changed the bag at 01:30 am, then the nurses changed it at 12.30, following two more leaks it was changed twice wonder the bloody thing is sore due to keep ripping the skin off. I must add to those out there who are yet to experience a stoma (Carole x), my case is an exception as they usually stitch the stoma about 1/2 to 1 inch above the skins surface, however a stitch came out post surgery and the half of the stoma slipped down just below the skin level, which is why it leaks and gets on my skin...I will have to call the stoma nurses again tomorrow as the new barrier did not work...need to get it sorted before the weekend as off to Whitby for the week!

So in short all systems go for the 21st June 2010 to have my reversal...thinking of you Carole on this one wishing it was you too...

Richard (My Boss) texted me today to check on me as not heard from me for a while, cheers and nice to know I am not forgotten.

Went out to Third-Space last night for a couple of hours...I get so much from the Celtic liturgy in the closing prayer, the community, love and fellowship that exudes to all is wonderful...they tease me as I do talk about myself an awful lot and we do actually talk and pray alot for me, me, me...I just love it!

Much love and gods blessings to you all.

T xx


  1. enjoy your holibobs!!!love ya big bro!!!!xxx

  2. Love your comment about 'me, me, me'...made me smile coz that's one of my sister's fave sayings 'It's all about me, me, me' (she's the youngest and therefore spoilt - but in a lovely way of course) :-)

    Am so very glad you got the news you wanted to hear Tony and it's all system go now - as for me, don't you worry because I've decided I shall be the trendiest bag lady in town - and I've worked out it gives me the perfect excuse to HAVE to buy some new stuff - win, win situation really :-)
    Hope you and Fran have a brilliant break in Whitby.
    Much love, Carole x

  3. wont it b good to get the op over n done !!!!!fingers n toes crossed that they can stitch u up soon after ?? see you all in whitby !! love ma n pa p.s good luck Carol i would ask if it could b a desighner one??xx