Tuesday, 22 May 2012

How Long?

Earlier last week I was told I would not make it it past the weekend. During this past few days I felt suspended between life and death. Now I feel  I am moving forward and although I have death running around my head I am happy that I hopefully I will see more days than I first thought - the prayers are flooding through from everyone that do the prayer thing (WHICH I KNOW HELPs!)

The nurses at Ashgate are great and are just checking my fluid bag.....I love the fact that we all work together...they really are the best in their field!!!

Please be thankful for their care that is extending my chubby life LOL

God Bless All

Much love

Tony xxxx

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Derwent Dambuster Challenge

Dear All,

As many of you know and have kindly sponsored me already, I was due to do the Derwent Dambuster Challenge walk next Sat 21st April 2012.

Due to recent events relating in 2 stays in hospital and reactions to chemotherapy etc I am unfortunately not in a fit state to complete my personal challenge and at the same time gaining some sponsorship for the registered charity. The tumour/s in my backside..muscles are not responding particularly well to the switch in pain relief so I am barely able to walk 10ft to the toilet let alone 10 miles round the Derwent Dam! I do hope that those that have already so generously sponsored me already, are happy to continue with the brave Frances doing the walk and any others out there yet to sponsor me/ Frances will do so if you are able.

I thank you all and once again apologies that I am unable to make the challenge but I am sure you understand!

Much Love to all

I am number 212 which I hope will be available for Fran to use...have a look on the website.


Tony xxx

Monday, 9 April 2012

Safe and well back at home

Dear all,

Many many thanks for the kind words of support and prayers. Ma has been keeping my friends in Cancer Research up to speed a a high level and I will give a bit of detail here for all...

As you all know I was very unwell after my chemo on 27th February and missed my birthday on 01st March as just couldn't face anything. I wasn't eating or drinking at that time and was admitted to WPH on 05th March for 8 days, returning home after experiencing a very bad UTI on 13th March.

I rested until my next lot of chemo an even though the signs were there not to go for the chemo I still went ahead on 26th March (changed chemo from Irinotecan to Oxaliplatin). Unfortunately the same pattern followed  and by Sunday 01st April I was admitted to WPH.

By Mon 02nd April I was suffering with the worse case of diarrhoea and vomiting you could ever imagine...It was that bad I can't even joke about it. The ward toilet had to be closed and I used up the ward supply of adult pull-em-ups - I was allocated a private room and a toilet specifically for me so that tests could be carried out. By Tuesday everything had started to settle, all that could be noted was a bad reaction to the chemo tied in with the continuous bowel and bladder infections brought on by the suspected fistula between my bowel and colon. As my temp continued to spike up and down I was kept in until they settled. Dr F came in to see me on Thursday and said that if things continued as they were I should be home for Easter. :-)

...Thurs Eve post blood review - the duty Doctor told me that I was not very well as I had a high temp and Neutropenic (suffering from Neutropenia). Bed rest and a definite stay in hospital is a must.

...Fri Eve, Neutropenia getting better. A high red blood count causing anaemia discovered. A review in 12 hrs decided on.

... Sat day, Still high red cell count evident so decided a couple of bags of blood decided upon, which would be monitored closely over 12-24 hrs.

...Sun day, Due to no high temps and level white and red blood cells I was able to come home Sunday lunch time. :-)

When I came home Fran made me a tin of Scotch Broth and some fresh bread and butter , I hadn't eaten at home properly for over a month so when I started to eat like I hadn't eaten for ages it was exactly true.

Next Steps:

Weds 11th April - Urologist review (Dr Shipstone), I suspect this area is the cause of many of my problems so cant wait for the investigation to be carried out by the experts!

Thu 12th April - Oncologist's review, where Fran and I will discuss my current and past chemo treatments to see if anything could have been done differently and my future chemo plan!

Speak to all soon...

Tony xxx

Friday, 30 March 2012

Dawning of a new era!

Today two of the best chaps around came to visit....My Boss Richard Courtney and the RRD HR person looking after my case Alastair Swindlehirst. They came not for a nice visit but one to sign off my medical dismissal. I am not ashamed to admit that I cried alot last night when I read the letter explaining the process.

Anyway, I would not have wanted that conversation to be had by two nicer chaps. It started with us comparing scars from leg wounds and ended on a conversation about Disneyland.  My time at RR Donnelley has been relatively short in comparison to the time actually worked. I have, I would like to say, delivered some good projects in my time there and been well recognised for the deliverables....that is how RRD work...You do a good job and are well rewarded for that work..I Shall miss RRD hugely both the people and the company.  I have worked for some good companies in my time but can quite honestly say that RRD is by far the very best.

There will be current employees out there who will disagree, however I know best how they have looked after me in my time of sickness.

Now it comes to talk of my cancer....

I have at this stage decided to cease current chemo treatment. On Monday last I had a drug called Oxaliplatin and another called Raltitrexed and have felt nothing but sickness for the past week. I have eaten next to nothing alongside nightmares. The last treatment I had called Irinotecan and Avastin did me not much better although at least I fared better at 17 treatments. A bit of a rash decision some might say however I believe in the power of God and the Universe and frankly when I had 3 months off drugs and rested my mind and body I felt so much stronger and better for it so will stick with my rash decision for now!   Lets see what happens when I discuss it with my oncologist Dr Furniss and friends and family!

So ending on a note to say goodbye to Carole...A great and good friend who had her ceremony in Epping Forest last Wednesday. I will miss you greatly, so a fond farewell....and hello to Lisa (Shents) who wrote the best note 

Much Love to all

Tony xxxxx

Friday, 23 March 2012

The Latest Update 22.03.12

Dear All,

On Tuesday this week (20/03) I visited Chesterfield Hospital -Calow to see my Palliative Care consultant Mr Brooks. I have been twice before and seen his registrars who were brilliant and set me on my way with pain relief. This time Mr Brooks increased my pain relief from 80mg of Oxy Codone (Oxy Contin) to 120mg. In addition my 'breakthrough' pain medication Liquid Oxy Codone was increased from 2.5ml to 4ml. The secret of managing the breakthrough pain we have discovered, is to take the full dose and lie on my bed until the pain subsides.

As well as visiting Mr Brooks this week I went to see Dr Furniss yesterday, Thursday (22/03). Fran was clearly concerned with me continuing with the current regime of medication and if the truth be known so was I.

When I got in the little room and one of Dr Furniss' registrars entered we had a good discussion as to what was and what could happen. Option 1, was to reduce the Irinotecan dosage and remain at current dose of Avastin. I said I was not happy with carrying on with any amount of Irinotecan as although I was recently affected by infections etc there was still an ongoing reaction to Irinotecan which occurred within a couple of days post infusion. It actually frightened Fran as she could see from the front-line what was happening. Therefore Dr Furniss' registrar went away to contact Dr Furniss to see what else was available...

As from next Monday (26/03) I will be on a 3 weekly dose of Raltitrexed (Tomudex) in addition I would be on  another chemo drug called Oxaliplatin (Eloxatin). Have a look on the internet as to side effects as there are the usual for all chemo drugs like tingling in the hands, nausea/sickness and fatigue. There are a couple of specific ones particular for each one of the chemotherapy drugs as follows...


Laryngeal Spasms where due to coldness in the air or in drinks caused shortness of breath - I have to gently warm my neck and take deep breath through my nose.


Not really anything worth noting apart from taste changes etc

In addition to these two drugs Dr Furniss is to attempt to gain funding for Bevacizumab (Avastin) which I am currently on. However with any change in drugs mixing, new funding. I have my fingers crossed.

I spoke with Chris and Colin on Tuesday who popped round for a chat and one of their empowering prayers. I prayed for Carole's family for more of the amazing strength they are all showing. Thank-you to you both who as always seem to appear when I need them both. Very special people!

So that is it for now....I will update you all after Monday.

p.s. During my visit to Calow I popped in to visit John (undergoing intensive radiotherapy to his jaw) I dropped off a present of natural Aloe Vera as I know this stuff works - unlike the sun relief stuff which is alcohol based which I put on my bum. This made me scream which Fran and Charlotte once they heard what I had done thought it hilariously funny and frankly after the burning had died down so did I.

I spoke with Gerry who is a fellow suffer' like my good self. The hospital reset his in spine pain relief which had fallen out, which explain his enormous pain. They moved the needle to below a different vertebrae and as Gerry said changed the pain relief brilliantly...He felt almost normal!

Will speak soon, to all of you!

Much Love

Tony xxxx                                                                                                                                

Saturday, 17 March 2012

RIP Dear Carole

I am sorry to say that one of my dearest friends has finally lost their struggle against this disease... As her sister Sarah quoted...Carole did not give up her fight it was just the cancer was too big for her.

I was lucky to have met Carole recently at her home in London - Carole and our other friend Lisa met as we were the remaining members of a gang of 5...Rose and David had also sadly lost their lives last year.

I was also very honoured to meet with Sarah (Carole's lovely sister) and her partner Manolis, also we me James (Carole's eldest son) and his partner Leanne. Alongside Djamal (Carole's youngest) and Tom (Lisa's son)...

It truly was a day to remember, of friendships and chicken and chips alongside doughnuts...just normality all have a good lunch...It wasn't until later that I realised the meeting maybe our last.

Much Love

Tony xxx

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

I'm Still here!

Dear All,

Very many thanks for the kinds words of support. For the past few weeks post chemo, I have been unwell..Not quite sure what has been wrong but the symptoms have been a cold/flu, lethargy, nausea. I have not been wanting to eat anything and as for drinking, water made me feel physically sick which is a strange sensation.

I have been totally listless and once in bed have not felt like leaving it for anything with either sleeping or staring into space. I have been in a weird frame of mind with hallucinations like getting up for work for 1/2 hour until Fran convinced me to go back to bed. Strange, strange times and very worrying.

I also felt rather warm and after Fran took my temperature she decided not to listen to me (like she ever does!) and contact our GP surgery. Dr F discussed with Fran and after a short period of deliberation it was decided that Fran should contact WPH. As with most cancer issues...when an increase of temperature is involved a call to the hospital is required then a visit. The increase in temp usually denotes an infection and a drop in red blood cells. Fran was asked if she could drop me in to the hospital and once a bag was packed we were on our way.

Thankfully when we got there and I was on the assessment ward a consultant was available last Tuesday evening so got me on some different medication. Fran also noted to the team that I had previously been sick and therefore had not taken full effect of my tablets - therefore when considering my drugs intravenous was the only way for a period of time. So loads of needles and syringe drivers were the way forward. I have decided not to list everything that happened but was caught up with UTI Sepsis amongst other infections. IV antibiotics helped enormously

Well I am now back home and with Fran off at work I am now in a very peaceful house

Much Love to all

Tony xxxx


Tuesday, 14 February 2012

10 Minute segments!

I have to ask myself, what I can get done in 10 minutes? Not the rushing around packing in the tasks 10 minutes but the 10 minutes until I collapse from exhaustion...

No sleep last night hardly, so was particularly tired this morning.

I was disappointed in myself that I hadn't gotten Fran a card. Fran said it was okay but I had bothered that year in Jan-Feb 2010 which I spent in hospital. I had the foresight to wrap a box of chocolates and a card in my wardrobe to direct Fran to find...maybe it was a premonition of what hell was to come and what normal things we absolutely had to keep going for the sake of tradition or normality. Nearly 3 months I was in hospital!

This morning I was woken with both a dull and piercing pain, liquid morphine entailed and in half an hour I attempted to get to the showeroom...back to my bed maybe for just another few minutes...After another 10 minutes I had a lovely shower. It proved just a little bit too much today....I found my drying myself getting slower and slower...I quickly but the bolt across my bedroom door in case Charlotte should wander in and dried myself enough that the bed would not be soaking and collapsed on the bed....instant relief.

Just spoke with Fran...going to get dressed in my pull-em ups and shorts then will pop down to the garage. Fran is making me one of my favourite yet simplest of dinners - Ham off the bone, A few chips and some peas and French beans. Almost always it has a couple of sunny-side up eggs but just not in the mood today. She is making a Nigel Slater recipe for a cheese and onion tart for Herself and Charlotte but like I said not in the mood for eggs today!

Time to drive to the garage to get some chocolates and a card, will be back soon and don't tell Fran they are from me???

T xx

Saturday, 4 February 2012

My 2012 Derwent Dambuster 10-mile Challenge



In Dec 2009 I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Bowel Cancer which had infiltrated a number of lymph nodes. Surgery was performed to remove the cancer and lymph nodes and unfortunately the chemo was stopped after 4 days due to an allergic reaction.
In Oct 2010 secondary metastases were discovered - a single tumour in my liver and cancerous 'hotspots' in my para-aortic lymph nodes and my pelvis. I was told the cancer that had returned was inoperable.
In Jan 2012 the cancer returned to the original bowel cancer site as well as the secondarys.
I was given a leaflet for Challenge Cancer Through Adventure over a year ago as friends of mine thought I deserved some fun. I finally started looking at what I wanted to do as an Adventure. Within the site there was a link for The 2012 Derwent Dambuster 10-mile Challenge, this is what I have decided to take part in as my challenge whilst raising funds for CCTA:
Some may think that Cancer is enough of a challenge but I need some other challenge, some fun - Why not raise some money at the same time!
Much Love to you all and Thank-You in advance!
Tony xx

Thursday's Oncologist Review

Dr F, my Macmillan Nurse H went through in a bit more detail the results of the recent MRI and CT scans....

During my appointment, I made the decision to ask the one question I have been putting off asking for the past 2 years. I asked it straight.... "How long have I got to live in my current status"... I was terrified to ask it and even more so to get the answer that I was sure would give me less that a year on this planet. The answer was a little unexpected but apart from being told I was cured, was the next best thing... "I truthfully cannot give you an answer that would be accurate. You are reasonably healthy apart from the slight increase in activity"

So there you go, I have plenty of time as it currently stands to pray for a cure and continue with as much healthy eating and exercise as my body will allow. Whilst I will be on treatment No 2 on Monday I need to get as fit as I can in order for my body to be able to tolerate the extreme treatments coming its way.

I have noted already something that didn't happen for 6+ months last time and that is my hair falling out....washing my hair in the shower this morning saw big handfuls dropping to the bottom of the shower....that head shaver Fran brought me for Christmas will be out and in action this coming weekend!

I am looking to get a Urology referral via my GPs due to the repeated urinary infections. I have been through 4 lots of anti-biotics and should get another 2 weeks supply on Monday when they should have the lab/culture results. The nurse who initially dip-tested my sample said the results were off the chart...I agreed as it is quite painful at times to go for a wee!

I have placed some 'details' below mainly for my blog records and for anyone that really wants to know a little more detail than usual.

Comparison was made using the previous MRI scan results from 11.05.2011 and CT scan results 28.02.2011

MRI notes:
  • Area of activity seen in the rectum has increased in size.
  • No Para Aortic growths showing - therefore whilst still activity (hotspots) the activity has remained static.
  • The liver shows an area of high activity at the site of the known metastasis - no other metastases showing.
Features are in keeping with local recurrence with spread into the right levator, and a liver metastasis that has increased in size.

CT notes:

  • No evidence of Lung or Mediastinal (chest) lymphadenopathy (disease of the lymph nodes).
  • A couple of small lung nodules are seen which remain unchanged since the previous CT.
  • The Liver Tumour has increased in size to 3.8cm from 2.1cm
  • No other Liver adhesions identified.
  • Normal appearances of the spleen, pancreas, kidneys and adrenal glands.
  • No para aortic lymphadenopathy.
  • An incisional hernia noted in the right anterior abdominal wall.
  • Increased activity and inflammatory change within the pelvis at the site of the anastomosis (intestinal join).
  • No destructive bone lesions (damage)
Features in keeping with disease progression both within the pelvis and within the liver.

So a mixture of good and not so good news but to be honest I am certainly not going to cry about the results I was given - now I am back on the Irinotecan and Avastin lets get the 3.8cm liver tumour back to scar tissue !!!

Minister Colin and Chris popped round last week and had chocolate biscuits...no happy shopper biscuits in this house...a very old joke that happened some time ago when Minister Lynn was given Happy Shopper biscuits. It was lovely to see and take prayer with them both.

Not very often nowadays, but I went to Third-Space last week on Weds and celebrated Burns Night...a lot of laughter and excellent food was sorely needed.

Much Love to all,

Tony xx

Saturday, 28 January 2012

This is what 'I' look like.

I had some lovely compliments about how gorgeous I look in my new suit....Unfortunately I have had to come clean and admit to being a fraud...The picture below is one of me a few months ago when I used to ride the beast that is Miranda...Unfortunately too cold and dangerous to ride with chemo head so she is locked in the shed nice and warm for the winter! The other bloke was a chap in the catalogue where I brought my new suit from!

Much Love

Tony xxxx
Definitely Me :-)

Definitely Not Me!

Friday, 27 January 2012

What a fool!

I suffered greatly all last night and started the pattern again this evening with the nuclear waste.

Why did I put myself through all the pain, when there is the Loperamide!

I have so many Loperamides as when I first had the colostomy I had to take 40 per day to try and slow down the fluids output.

I have taken the emergency two and will await the next couple of hours after which 1 tablet every 2 hours.

I have a plan and so far so good, I feel better already!

Much Love


Still awake (2)

And now the opposite from last time...

Diarrhoea = Pain = No sleep = hours of quiet contemplation

Seriously, it is10.30am on Friday morning and I have a planned trip to town to pick up my prescription, do a bit of shopping and post off a package...what with the nuclear fall-out I wont be doing any of it.

I did utilise some of the time awake in a more constructive way by buying a suit...When I became ill, when all the test results were in and I had lost about 5 stone, some through exercise and diet and some through the cancer, I had some really nice clothes including a dinner suit and a couple of reasonably new business suits. I was quite proud that I had given them away to a big bloke somewhere close to Matlock.

I returned to work at RR Donnelley LTD in the spring 2010 (If I recall correctly) and had to leave again a couple of months later. I'd brought another suit under false pretences.

My niece Emma's wedding is fast approaching in several weeks time....I have the enormous honour to do a reading, 1 Corinthians and thereabouts. I tried the suit on late last night and for some reason the suit has shrunk to the size of an old Norman Wisdom suit.

Luckily time is on my side so ordered a nice 3 piece suit (not a sofa and two armchairs). It also has an unusual lilac lining, which actually looks really nice. I will get you all a picture of me at the wedding - I'll bet you can't wait...LOL

Yesterday, I ventured into Matlock to do some shopping from 3 different shops at opposite ends of the High Street. Usually my walking or even driving pace would have completed the tasks in under 10 minutes. My new slow pace of life had my tasks completed in just over 90 minutes. Also due to the slow pace I bumped into Barbara D where we had a quick chat. I plodded across the road and round the corner came Barbara N who's husband John has advanced cancer so was able to give her a Tony hug and ask how she was.

I turned the corner and bumped into Grayden D who's wife Barbara D I had seen only moments before...they both invited me separately to the Peli Deli for a coffee which I unfortunately had to decline due to a pain in the arse and fatigue from the slow plodding!  My final resting place was the Co-op where whilst plodding past the veggie counter I bumped into David W...as a bearer of bad news he informed me that his lovely wife Marie was again in hospital after suffering from another stroke. David and I spoke for sometime and then went our separate ways to complete our shopping.

I finally got home after plodding around Matlock Town centre and thoroughly enjoying the slower pace of my life as it is at the moment...Without the greatly reduced speed I wouldn't have met those lovely people as no doubt I would have been too busy to see them let alone stop and chat!

Time to try and get some rest.

Much Love

Tony xx

Monday, 23 January 2012


Hello blog and readers!

Some of you may be aware that my eldest daughter Catherine is planning to get married to Mark in the Dominican Republic in October, this year.

I have just called a company that someone noted on Cancer Research Chat....I spoke with Harry (http://www.insurecancer.com/) who took down a full history and I have ascertained the following details...

1) As the wedding is in October 2012, there is much that can happen between now and then. As I am just restarting my chemotherapy treatments I will have to demonstrate 'fitness to travel' nearer the time.

2) An assessment will need to be carried out by my oncologist around September 2012 after which a decision will be made whether they can give me a quote for travel insurance.

3) We have just paid a minimal deposit, however the balance of the holiday will need to be paid in July 2012.

4) Whilst not a formal quote Harry advised that I would have to prepare myself for a quote of above £1000 due to the fact I am on active treatment and at such an advanced stage.

5) Harry did say that Barcelona would be a cheaper option but not quite the same...

So, if anyone has any further advice on the above points especially the catch 22 dilemma between 2) & 3) or maybe some alternative Insurance Companies that specialise in Cancer Travel then I would be grateful.

Much Love

Tony xxxx

Still awake!

One of my worst situations is being awake at 03.30am and not being able to sleep...I know how much better I would feel if I slept well!

Constipation = pressure = pain = morphine and no sleep = quiet time for contemplation...

Monday, 16 January 2012

A wonderous day!

On Saturday I went down to London a drive which took me nearly 6 hours to see my two friends from Cancer Chat Carole (Dizzie) and Lisa (Shents).

I didn't know how I would feel when I met them face 2 face for the first time but I was excited and slightly nervous. As I pulled up James (Carole's eldest Son) and Leanne were just coming down the road. I recognised him instantly from Carole's blog http://caroleandcancer.blogspot.com/ and called out to him asking where I could park....From that moment on I was not nervous at all everything seemed so natural.

When I got inside and hugged Lisa and Carole we chatted like old friends and I realised there and then that over the past 2-3 years we had all grown to be great friends.

Tom (Lisa's son) and DJ (Carole's son) were both playing the Xbox like old mates too. We all sat down with a cuppa and chatted for several hours about everything. Sarah (Carole's Sister) and her partner Manolis came round so again it was lovely to see them as we have chatted online for a while.

We all had lunch together, Carole bought us all chicken and chips from the shop round the corner which were followed by lovely doughnuts which I picked up along the way.

I think sometimes on-line friendships can turn out to be different when you meet people face 2 face but everyone was exactly as I knew them.

These two ladies have helped me enormously over the past few years and by reading their blogs I understand exactly how tough things have been for them Lisa writes amazingly well and even had her first blog http://keepyerhairon.blogspot.com/ made into a book she now has thankfully shaken breast cancers clutches and continues to be well writing lovely stories of her day 2 day life in a new blog  http://www.letyerhairdown.blogspot.com/

Carole writes with honesty and straight from the heart with no frills, unfortunately her cancer of the rectum continues to have its clutches into her and she continues the fight.

I can quite honestly say the meeting of the Famous Five was an amazing success. Unfortunately there are only 3 of us left as Rose http://rose-bcjourney.blogspot.com/ and David http://youwinagain-cybershot.blogspot.com/ are very sadly no longer with us. They lost their battles last year to the bastard cancer and we are determined to not let it take anymore of us three that are left.

They are both truly friends for life and may god bless them both.

Much Love

Tony xxxx

Friday, 13 January 2012

Quick Update!

Dear All,

Here is a quick update from my Onco's appointment yesterday...

It is recognised that I now have inoperable cancer in the following areas:

Colon - New
Single Liver Tumour
Pelvic Lymph Nodes
Para Aortic Lymph Nodes

I asked the question as to why the obvious two areas for surgery could not be operated on i.e. the Colon and Liver Tumours. The response was there were highly likely to be other cells in those areas which were just waiting for activity and lack of chemo and they would be off populating my liver and colon with multiple tumours.

In addition to this both would be relatively major operations which would require long periods of recovery and whilst in recovery I would be unable to have chemotherapy. When I had the PET scan several months ago...it was noted that the cancer hotspots particularly in my pelvis would not be able to be operated on as the operation would be too extensive.

So yes they could operate and take away the Liver Tumour however there would almost certainly be reoccurences and the requirement for further surgery.

We also discussed SIRT  (Selective Internal Radiation Therapy). It was mentioned sometime ago as a possibility...This has now been ruled out as the criteria is that you have a single liver tumour and are currently post chemo. Unfortunately the multiple areas mean I do not meet the criteria.

Frankly, I am not prepared to be off chemo any longer that I have to...Even though I have been off chemo for only several months, the cancer has shown activity and has grown slightly in my Liver and Colon.

I hope that makes sense, if not ask questions.

p.s. I almost forgot...I enquired about the possibility of radiotherapy...especially on the tumour in my colon...It was refused as I had very high doses previously and I would be at serious risk of internal damage. I have originally 26 sessions but as I was allergic to capecitebine (my chemo drug) it was decided to give me an extra 3 high doses to try and compensate.

Much Love

Tony xxxx

Monday, 9 January 2012

What a Pain in the Bum and How to Kick its sorry Ass

Dear all,

The title is a tribute to two ladies who keep me going along this path....

My latest news is....

Thurs 12Jan - Blood Test and Oncologist appointment

Mon 16Jan - Chemo (Avastin and Irinotecan) starts again for the second round

Whilst I know what's coming after 16 sessions of chemo I am quite excited to get this started....I have read in the papers about how difficult it is to get Avastin due to the cost etc so I am glad I am with a hospital that believes in it!

Much Love

Tony xxxx

Saturday, 7 January 2012

What next!

I went to see Mr S a couple of days ago to get the results of my MRI and CT Scans. 

The tumour in my liver has increased slightly which was to be expected with the 3 months rest from chemo - There is now a tumour in my lower colon, pretty much at the original site. No immediate surgery as would be too difficult to remove so chemo and potentially radiotherapy then close monitoring and reviews will be the next steps. Mr S noted that the colon tumour may get pretty painful and if it became to difficult and painful to go to the toilet he could action a bypass to a stoma...so good to have a further option should it be needed.

My 'Inoperable' status remains as I have been told there would be little point actioning the major surgery on my liver and colon with the cancer in my para-aortic lymph nodes which due to the location cannot be treated by surgery.

I have spoken via email to my Oncologist Ms F who has put in the request to recommence chemo using the same regime as before. I know what is to come so have already started to prepare so that I am mentally and physically strong for the months ahead.

Pippa my acupuncturist gave me a good talking to as well as sticking lots of needles in me...did me the world of good. 

On top of all of the above I have a bloody toothache which seems to be at the forefront of my thoughts about me. Something to take my mind of the cancer I suppose.

Love being sent to Carole, Lisa, Deb and Gabi who are all going through their challenges...................Amen!

Much Love to all

Tony xx