Saturday, 17 March 2012

RIP Dear Carole

I am sorry to say that one of my dearest friends has finally lost their struggle against this disease... As her sister Sarah quoted...Carole did not give up her fight it was just the cancer was too big for her.

I was lucky to have met Carole recently at her home in London - Carole and our other friend Lisa met as we were the remaining members of a gang of 5...Rose and David had also sadly lost their lives last year.

I was also very honoured to meet with Sarah (Carole's lovely sister) and her partner Manolis, also we me James (Carole's eldest son) and his partner Leanne. Alongside Djamal (Carole's youngest) and Tom (Lisa's son)...

It truly was a day to remember, of friendships and chicken and chips alongside doughnuts...just normality all have a good lunch...It wasn't until later that I realised the meeting maybe our last.

Much Love

Tony xxx


  1. another star brightly shinning in the sky !!love and thoughts to all carole's family,friends xx
    love to you tony from little sis jane xx

  2. so glad you had a good meeting with Carole and her family ,thoughts are with them ,and all who knew Carole ,her blog was full of info and bravery ,what an inspiration she was !!!!all our love Tony ,from ma n pa xxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. I'm so sorry that you have lost your dear friend Carole. She was unique and an inspiration to fellow cancer sufferers and their loved ones. Blogs like hers (and yours)have proved extremely useful in the fight against this dreadful disease. Tony you must be feeling terribly upset right now, but take heart in knowing that sharing your experiences has helped many of become wiser and brought so many other people together... even if only for a short time. Hugs to you Tony. Nicky x

  4. Tony,

    I Want you to know you are truly a great man and mum appreciated the many straight talking conversations you shared, the sort of conversations that most could not relate with unless you have had the same struggles.

    You became a dear friend to mum and i thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    Love James, Leanne, Rab & Dj

    p.s i'm sure we can arrange to meet up for chicken & chips in the future

  5. Tony,

    Just want to echo the words from James. You gave my sister strength and I am so glad she meet you too.

    I would like to now give you my strength to continue with your own battle and hope you do not have to struggle and I wish for the treatment to go well.

    Love back to you and all your lovely family

    Sarah xxx

  6. I had recently come accross Carole's blog and begun blogging with her - my heart was so sad to hear of her passing. Her words of encouragement on my blog were so kind.