Friday, 30 March 2012

Dawning of a new era!

Today two of the best chaps around came to visit....My Boss Richard Courtney and the RRD HR person looking after my case Alastair Swindlehirst. They came not for a nice visit but one to sign off my medical dismissal. I am not ashamed to admit that I cried alot last night when I read the letter explaining the process.

Anyway, I would not have wanted that conversation to be had by two nicer chaps. It started with us comparing scars from leg wounds and ended on a conversation about Disneyland.  My time at RR Donnelley has been relatively short in comparison to the time actually worked. I have, I would like to say, delivered some good projects in my time there and been well recognised for the deliverables....that is how RRD work...You do a good job and are well rewarded for that work..I Shall miss RRD hugely both the people and the company.  I have worked for some good companies in my time but can quite honestly say that RRD is by far the very best.

There will be current employees out there who will disagree, however I know best how they have looked after me in my time of sickness.

Now it comes to talk of my cancer....

I have at this stage decided to cease current chemo treatment. On Monday last I had a drug called Oxaliplatin and another called Raltitrexed and have felt nothing but sickness for the past week. I have eaten next to nothing alongside nightmares. The last treatment I had called Irinotecan and Avastin did me not much better although at least I fared better at 17 treatments. A bit of a rash decision some might say however I believe in the power of God and the Universe and frankly when I had 3 months off drugs and rested my mind and body I felt so much stronger and better for it so will stick with my rash decision for now!   Lets see what happens when I discuss it with my oncologist Dr Furniss and friends and family!

So ending on a note to say goodbye to Carole...A great and good friend who had her ceremony in Epping Forest last Wednesday. I will miss you greatly, so a fond farewell....and hello to Lisa (Shents) who wrote the best note 

Much Love to all

Tony xxxxx


  1. Hi Tony

    We seem to be treading a similar path, i gave notice of my descion to retire on medical grounds on Thursday, final day 30th April, i have a decnet pension thankfully but it is a very odd position to be in after 30 years or more of working....but i am! looking forward to doing the things i can do without work, putting my house in order and enjoying the garden!!
    Good luck with it, and re the chemo it is your body! i am having oxalyplatin at the moment with avastin and capecitabine.... in my chemo free week at the moment and i feel so much better, then after having the chemo i always feel like i never want to do it again!! it is a tough decision and one i can totally understand you there a point in having life that you cannot live?
    Much Love! Hazel

  2. with you tony whatever route you decide upton if theres anything you want or need me or anyone to do just shout !!love you tony from the little sis and all the gang down south !!!also thinking of your dear friend carole's family xxx

  3. Take time for yourself, work can give some sense of normality but it will be so much nicer for you to enjoy the time with your family and friends. Hope the break from chemo does you good and you can make use of the garden.

    Thank you once again for all your support and friendship you gave to my sister. The group you all formed meant alot to her and it was so nice to get the chance to meet you and Shents before Carole got sick and passed.

    Thinking of you and your family xx

  4. Hi Tony have just had your call from hospital , back in as reaction to chemo knocked u back again ,whatever decision you make is ok with all of us !!!we just want you to have quality time !!! lots of love ma n pa, see u soon : ) xxxxxxx