Wednesday, 14 March 2012

I'm Still here!

Dear All,

Very many thanks for the kinds words of support. For the past few weeks post chemo, I have been unwell..Not quite sure what has been wrong but the symptoms have been a cold/flu, lethargy, nausea. I have not been wanting to eat anything and as for drinking, water made me feel physically sick which is a strange sensation.

I have been totally listless and once in bed have not felt like leaving it for anything with either sleeping or staring into space. I have been in a weird frame of mind with hallucinations like getting up for work for 1/2 hour until Fran convinced me to go back to bed. Strange, strange times and very worrying.

I also felt rather warm and after Fran took my temperature she decided not to listen to me (like she ever does!) and contact our GP surgery. Dr F discussed with Fran and after a short period of deliberation it was decided that Fran should contact WPH. As with most cancer issues...when an increase of temperature is involved a call to the hospital is required then a visit. The increase in temp usually denotes an infection and a drop in red blood cells. Fran was asked if she could drop me in to the hospital and once a bag was packed we were on our way.

Thankfully when we got there and I was on the assessment ward a consultant was available last Tuesday evening so got me on some different medication. Fran also noted to the team that I had previously been sick and therefore had not taken full effect of my tablets - therefore when considering my drugs intravenous was the only way for a period of time. So loads of needles and syringe drivers were the way forward. I have decided not to list everything that happened but was caught up with UTI Sepsis amongst other infections. IV antibiotics helped enormously

Well I am now back home and with Fran off at work I am now in a very peaceful house

Much Love to all

Tony xxxx



  1. I am so glad you are back home Uncle Tony, love you lots, love Lucy x x

  2. Ouch, Tony,
    I'm glad you are feeling a little better and back at home! These last few weeks seem to have been extra interesting for everyone. Let's hope we can all enjoy the next few weeks.

  3. hi tony
    really pleased to see you are feeling better and i`m sure it will make plenty people on cancer chat uk happy to hear from you,when you feel up to it as we have all missed you,so for now take care and i will catch up with you later.

    jeff your geordie friend.

  4. So pleased that you are feeling better!
    Take good care of yourself.
    Hope that you have seen the last of those nasty symptoms!

  5. I am so glad to hear you are OK and happy back home again Tony
    Talk soon

  6. Hello Tony x so happy to see yo u writing again. I can imagine how much you have been through.... well done for coming out the other end.
    Love Deb (Kentmum)