Tuesday, 14 February 2012

10 Minute segments!

I have to ask myself, what I can get done in 10 minutes? Not the rushing around packing in the tasks 10 minutes but the 10 minutes until I collapse from exhaustion...

No sleep last night hardly, so was particularly tired this morning.

I was disappointed in myself that I hadn't gotten Fran a card. Fran said it was okay but I had bothered that year in Jan-Feb 2010 which I spent in hospital. I had the foresight to wrap a box of chocolates and a card in my wardrobe to direct Fran to find...maybe it was a premonition of what hell was to come and what normal things we absolutely had to keep going for the sake of tradition or normality. Nearly 3 months I was in hospital!

This morning I was woken with both a dull and piercing pain, liquid morphine entailed and in half an hour I attempted to get to the showeroom...back to my bed maybe for just another few minutes...After another 10 minutes I had a lovely shower. It proved just a little bit too much today....I found my drying myself getting slower and slower...I quickly but the bolt across my bedroom door in case Charlotte should wander in and dried myself enough that the bed would not be soaking and collapsed on the bed....instant relief.

Just spoke with Fran...going to get dressed in my pull-em ups and shorts then will pop down to the garage. Fran is making me one of my favourite yet simplest of dinners - Ham off the bone, A few chips and some peas and French beans. Almost always it has a couple of sunny-side up eggs but just not in the mood today. She is making a Nigel Slater recipe for a cheese and onion tart for Herself and Charlotte but like I said not in the mood for eggs today!

Time to drive to the garage to get some chocolates and a card, will be back soon and don't tell Fran they are from me???

T xx


  1. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. thays veryromantic still Tony..... its the thought that counts. x Deb

  3. Thinking of you Tony...hope things are getting easier though it doesn't sound that way from your FB updates.
    Take care big man, hang in there

  4. Hi Tony, just a thought, have you tried Moonpig.com for cards. It is a really useful way of sending a card if you can't get out to the shops or want a last minute card at some unearthly hour. I sent one to my sister in Texas yesterday for her birthday. It cost £2.99 for card and postage which was probably less than if I had a shop bought card and paid the £1.60 postage.
    Nice for when you just want to send a thank you card.
    Maggie x