Saturday, 4 February 2012

Thursday's Oncologist Review

Dr F, my Macmillan Nurse H went through in a bit more detail the results of the recent MRI and CT scans....

During my appointment, I made the decision to ask the one question I have been putting off asking for the past 2 years. I asked it straight.... "How long have I got to live in my current status"... I was terrified to ask it and even more so to get the answer that I was sure would give me less that a year on this planet. The answer was a little unexpected but apart from being told I was cured, was the next best thing... "I truthfully cannot give you an answer that would be accurate. You are reasonably healthy apart from the slight increase in activity"

So there you go, I have plenty of time as it currently stands to pray for a cure and continue with as much healthy eating and exercise as my body will allow. Whilst I will be on treatment No 2 on Monday I need to get as fit as I can in order for my body to be able to tolerate the extreme treatments coming its way.

I have noted already something that didn't happen for 6+ months last time and that is my hair falling out....washing my hair in the shower this morning saw big handfuls dropping to the bottom of the shower....that head shaver Fran brought me for Christmas will be out and in action this coming weekend!

I am looking to get a Urology referral via my GPs due to the repeated urinary infections. I have been through 4 lots of anti-biotics and should get another 2 weeks supply on Monday when they should have the lab/culture results. The nurse who initially dip-tested my sample said the results were off the chart...I agreed as it is quite painful at times to go for a wee!

I have placed some 'details' below mainly for my blog records and for anyone that really wants to know a little more detail than usual.

Comparison was made using the previous MRI scan results from 11.05.2011 and CT scan results 28.02.2011

MRI notes:
  • Area of activity seen in the rectum has increased in size.
  • No Para Aortic growths showing - therefore whilst still activity (hotspots) the activity has remained static.
  • The liver shows an area of high activity at the site of the known metastasis - no other metastases showing.
Features are in keeping with local recurrence with spread into the right levator, and a liver metastasis that has increased in size.

CT notes:

  • No evidence of Lung or Mediastinal (chest) lymphadenopathy (disease of the lymph nodes).
  • A couple of small lung nodules are seen which remain unchanged since the previous CT.
  • The Liver Tumour has increased in size to 3.8cm from 2.1cm
  • No other Liver adhesions identified.
  • Normal appearances of the spleen, pancreas, kidneys and adrenal glands.
  • No para aortic lymphadenopathy.
  • An incisional hernia noted in the right anterior abdominal wall.
  • Increased activity and inflammatory change within the pelvis at the site of the anastomosis (intestinal join).
  • No destructive bone lesions (damage)
Features in keeping with disease progression both within the pelvis and within the liver.

So a mixture of good and not so good news but to be honest I am certainly not going to cry about the results I was given - now I am back on the Irinotecan and Avastin lets get the 3.8cm liver tumour back to scar tissue !!!

Minister Colin and Chris popped round last week and had chocolate happy shopper biscuits in this house...a very old joke that happened some time ago when Minister Lynn was given Happy Shopper biscuits. It was lovely to see and take prayer with them both.

Not very often nowadays, but I went to Third-Space last week on Weds and celebrated Burns Night...a lot of laughter and excellent food was sorely needed.

Much Love to all,

Tony xx


  1. hi tony !! hears to shrinking xx love ya our kid x little sis and the hallways xx

  2. Hi Tony. As you know I've had a tumour in my liver. Has the tumour in your liver ever shrunk during treatment with Irinotecan or Avastin. Primary liver cancer (I know yours are mets) is sometimes treated with Sorafenib but generally has a poor response to chemo. Do mets respond better?

  3. Hi Fiona, I don't believe Mets respond better as such...It may well be that mets are created from the original cancer cells i.e. the liver tumour is created from bowel cancer cells.

    When my liver met was discovered in Oct 2010 it was 2.6cm and 6 months later whilst experiencing Irinotecan and Avastin every 3 weeks it had reduced to 2.1, a reduction of 19%. I had a 3 month break between November 2011 - January 2012 and as expected the liver met grew although it grew more than I thought it would at 3.8cm.

    On with the treatment and see what we can reduce it to!

    Much Love

    Tony xx

  4. some good some bad hopefully now back on chemo it will be good ,just hope side effects can b controlled !!!!much luv ma n pa xxxxxx

  5. Hi Tony, this is my first time to your blog, but I have to say you are amazing for sharing it! We recently found out that my brother has colon cancer, and it's been hard on everyone. But I find that reading stories like yours are so inspiring. I wanted to share a link that my brother has been reading: - hope it might help you the way it's helped him. Stay strong! I'm going to recommend that my brother check out your site, as well.