Saturday, 28 January 2012

This is what 'I' look like.

I had some lovely compliments about how gorgeous I look in my new suit....Unfortunately I have had to come clean and admit to being a fraud...The picture below is one of me a few months ago when I used to ride the beast that is Miranda...Unfortunately too cold and dangerous to ride with chemo head so she is locked in the shed nice and warm for the winter! The other bloke was a chap in the catalogue where I brought my new suit from!

Much Love

Tony xxxx
Definitely Me :-)

Definitely Not Me!


  1. Handsome guy, Tony. Nice biker suit.

    And spring is just around the corner...

    Miranda is calling!

  2. Much prefer the guy on the left xxx :-)))

  3. Hey no disappointment Tony. You look great in your biker gear and your a real man.
    Maggie x

  4. Thanks all, you are too kind...I used the model on the right to show my mum the new suit I brought for my niece, her grand-daughters wedding in a few weeks:-)

  5. Hi, Just want to say thank you so much for sharing this blog! My fiancee (36 years) is going through a very similar thing to the moment all is good (after 3 cancers tumors (rectal/liver/prostate), but have some more bloods due next month to monitor CEA results, but oncologist isn't overly positive. Thanks for your story, great to hear things from another perspective, as being a typical male...he doesn't open up much.

  6. Hey Keeping Positive, what is your name and let me know how I can follow your blog sorry to hear about you fiancée, lets hope that not all bad news. CEA was a marker that I followed religiously until I was advised that was not all there was to follow...people can have a marker of 200 plus and still be normal. Apparently it does also depend on the pattern and not the actual number, as you can tell I am not an experts although would be interested in finding out the previous CEA markers and then the one you are waiting for. Finally, if you have any questions the please do not hesitate to ask....Much Love....Tony xxx