Saturday, 7 January 2012

What next!

I went to see Mr S a couple of days ago to get the results of my MRI and CT Scans. 

The tumour in my liver has increased slightly which was to be expected with the 3 months rest from chemo - There is now a tumour in my lower colon, pretty much at the original site. No immediate surgery as would be too difficult to remove so chemo and potentially radiotherapy then close monitoring and reviews will be the next steps. Mr S noted that the colon tumour may get pretty painful and if it became to difficult and painful to go to the toilet he could action a bypass to a good to have a further option should it be needed.

My 'Inoperable' status remains as I have been told there would be little point actioning the major surgery on my liver and colon with the cancer in my para-aortic lymph nodes which due to the location cannot be treated by surgery.

I have spoken via email to my Oncologist Ms F who has put in the request to recommence chemo using the same regime as before. I know what is to come so have already started to prepare so that I am mentally and physically strong for the months ahead.

Pippa my acupuncturist gave me a good talking to as well as sticking lots of needles in me...did me the world of good. 

On top of all of the above I have a bloody toothache which seems to be at the forefront of my thoughts about me. Something to take my mind of the cancer I suppose.

Love being sent to Carole, Lisa, Deb and Gabi who are all going through their challenges...................Amen!

Much Love to all

Tony xx


  1. Hey Tony, you have probably had every insperational word and sentiment going so just wanted to let you know you are in my thoughts and prayer's. Love Becky (rrd) x

  2. Local recurrence not terribly unexpected in my case but a real shame when in the colon, I can tell you having radiation with a stoma is infinitely meter and less painful than without. I will happily tell you all my experience with abdo radio (for sooner but went through bowels so same effect) if you want to know. It's good that you are fit for chemo and I hope it will keep pain at bay. Oddly another of my group of fellow online patients had a tooth out over christmas, with a chest infection on top, were you secretly eating the christmas chocolates?

    Thanks for the mention, remember I'll share experienced if you want especially re radio and stoma.

    Best wishes, Lisa x

  3. Para aortic lymph nodes, ah yes I know them well (literally). You're a brave man Tony, going in for another round. Put your bovver boots on and go in fighting. Saw The Beat a couple of times when they were touring a few years back. Ranking Roger! (sigh)

  4. god bless to all !!keep plodding on !!much love ma n pa see u soon xxxxxx