Monday, 23 January 2012


Hello blog and readers!

Some of you may be aware that my eldest daughter Catherine is planning to get married to Mark in the Dominican Republic in October, this year.

I have just called a company that someone noted on Cancer Research Chat....I spoke with Harry ( who took down a full history and I have ascertained the following details...

1) As the wedding is in October 2012, there is much that can happen between now and then. As I am just restarting my chemotherapy treatments I will have to demonstrate 'fitness to travel' nearer the time.

2) An assessment will need to be carried out by my oncologist around September 2012 after which a decision will be made whether they can give me a quote for travel insurance.

3) We have just paid a minimal deposit, however the balance of the holiday will need to be paid in July 2012.

4) Whilst not a formal quote Harry advised that I would have to prepare myself for a quote of above £1000 due to the fact I am on active treatment and at such an advanced stage.

5) Harry did say that Barcelona would be a cheaper option but not quite the same...

So, if anyone has any further advice on the above points especially the catch 22 dilemma between 2) & 3) or maybe some alternative Insurance Companies that specialise in Cancer Travel then I would be grateful.

Much Love

Tony xxxx


  1. Hi Tony, I hope you do get to the D.R. and have a wonderful time at the wedding. Just a thought though, have you discussed how any of the injections needed or the anti malaria tablets might affect you?
    Maggie x

  2. Re Malaria tablets, I took the before, during and after my stay in Thailand. Couldn't drink on them and had them on private script, expensive but also the best. I would say, come September if you are fit enough and can travel physically, ie sit still long time without being in pain that kind of thing, then wonderful. Also this is your daughter's wedding.Can you justify not paying on the chance you can't go on the day due to health at least you did all you could to be there and of course she'll understand. It is a crippling amount of money for nothing (hopefully). Without it, you could ruin her day/experience if taken ill and not insured. With it but unable to attend you lost money but its is just money and you tried your best.


  3. Lisa,

    Absolutely right and thanks for the sanity check! I think it was just the original shock of the plan of action is to continue to ring round over the next couple of months....After your statement that I fully agree with there is no longer a catch-22 situation...If I have to pay £1500 in July 2012 as the balance of my trip and then hopefully get insurance afterwards then so be it.... and if I cant go because of health then I take that chance of getting Insurance or not.... The one thing I wont do is to go without insurance as Catherine will understand that I wont be able to pay all the necessary medical costs and potentially repatriation costs if I become ill out there!

    I can't wait to ring her tomorrow to update her and tell her of 'our' plan and that I will do all in my power to be there.


    Tony xx

  4. Interesting. That is way it really pays to check things thoroughly before finalising anything. By doing so, it makes the travel all the more enjoyable.

    1. Absolutely why I am checking things through thoroughly before you have any specific advice?

  5. Hello Tony. The insurance for Cancer sufferers is a bugger as you've found out. My Stevie had rectal cancer which is considered cured at the moment, but he still suffers side effects of the treatment and surgeries that he had. I got a number quotes from various insurers for our forthcoming holiday to Greece. The quotes varied wildly in price. Medici travel quoted just over £60 for both of us. Some insurers were quoting £150-200 for the same thing, indeed the companies purporting to specialise in Cancer cover seemed to be the highest.... MIA clear to go were quite reasonable too but will only give a firm quote min 8 weeks before travel and I'm not sure if they're keen to insure for high risk areas like Dominican. I think your insurance dilemma hinges around WHERE are travelling as I'm sure you already know. We are travelling in July (hopefully!), and I'm not actually purchasing insurance until June because by then, Stevie will have passed some important milestones in his recovery journey, such as more than a year since last hospital admission, routine check ups more spaced etc... I've learned all of these things make a difference to the quote. Of course this advice will probably useless to you but, there maybe others (like me), following your blog 'in the shadows', who may find the info useful. You've got nothing to lose by requesting a quote from other companies but ultimately, I agree with Loopy... You can't put a price on seeing your little princess marry. I wish you all the very best Tony and hope you have a fantastic time on your daughter' wedding day. Oh and thankyou for the dietry advice you gave me following Stevies Ileostomy reversal, (you may not remember). He still has good and bad days but the good are now outweighing the bad now. Much love, Nicky xx