Monday, 16 January 2012

A wonderous day!

On Saturday I went down to London a drive which took me nearly 6 hours to see my two friends from Cancer Chat Carole (Dizzie) and Lisa (Shents).

I didn't know how I would feel when I met them face 2 face for the first time but I was excited and slightly nervous. As I pulled up James (Carole's eldest Son) and Leanne were just coming down the road. I recognised him instantly from Carole's blog and called out to him asking where I could park....From that moment on I was not nervous at all everything seemed so natural.

When I got inside and hugged Lisa and Carole we chatted like old friends and I realised there and then that over the past 2-3 years we had all grown to be great friends.

Tom (Lisa's son) and DJ (Carole's son) were both playing the Xbox like old mates too. We all sat down with a cuppa and chatted for several hours about everything. Sarah (Carole's Sister) and her partner Manolis came round so again it was lovely to see them as we have chatted online for a while.

We all had lunch together, Carole bought us all chicken and chips from the shop round the corner which were followed by lovely doughnuts which I picked up along the way.

I think sometimes on-line friendships can turn out to be different when you meet people face 2 face but everyone was exactly as I knew them.

These two ladies have helped me enormously over the past few years and by reading their blogs I understand exactly how tough things have been for them Lisa writes amazingly well and even had her first blog made into a book she now has thankfully shaken breast cancers clutches and continues to be well writing lovely stories of her day 2 day life in a new blog

Carole writes with honesty and straight from the heart with no frills, unfortunately her cancer of the rectum continues to have its clutches into her and she continues the fight.

I can quite honestly say the meeting of the Famous Five was an amazing success. Unfortunately there are only 3 of us left as Rose and David are very sadly no longer with us. They lost their battles last year to the bastard cancer and we are determined to not let it take anymore of us three that are left.

They are both truly friends for life and may god bless them both.

Much Love

Tony xxxx


  1. You are really a true inspiration.....Glad that I know you, glad that I had the privilege of working with you.....Much love to all of you...Audrey

  2. I've found that because we're always honest about everything and our feelings, meeting up is also as honest. Every one I've met up with has remained a friend and in some cases family members. Two have become my best friends after 5+ years we have a very special unbreakable bond. I bet your meet gave you all a medicinal boost. Here's to friendship, whatever sort!

    Best wishes, Lisa (loopy 369)

  3. That is so cool you got to meet Carole and Lisa in person. Hopefully David and Rose were able to peek in on you guys. A wondrous day, indeed!

  4. Audrey, thanks for the kind words from across the pond - now tell me what you have changed in your life that I have inspired you to change...I must know that the pains I am going through are not all for nothing and the many people that I have inspired are gaining benefit from my pains :-) More than a pleasure to work with you too....Tony xxx

  5. Lisa, Absolutely true, I was nervous for the fact when we met I would burst into tears and be sobbing uncontrollably but we just met and it was so comfortable. Yes, after nearly 3 years there is an unbreakable bond there. As for the medicinal boost, I was so exhausted after the 6 hr drive there and 4.5 on the way back that I got a horrible sore throat and slept until Mid-day Sunday...My mind though was and still is buzzing! Much Love Tony (tonysong) xxxx

  6. Steve, It was an amazing experience and totally agree that David and Rose were about somewhere! T xx

  7. It was a lovely day and I'm so glad we finally all got together. And yes , it was totally comfortable - but to be honest, I knew it would be.
    Over the past two years both yourself and Lisa have become much more than people on the internet - friends for life indeed

    Much luv back to you Tony - always xxXxx

  8. It was so heart warming to hear of your get together. May it be just the first of many. I think of you back on chemo and hope it's still going OK for you. Thank you for your kind encouragement to me too Tony. It is much appreciated...