Monday, 9 January 2012

What a Pain in the Bum and How to Kick its sorry Ass

Dear all,

The title is a tribute to two ladies who keep me going along this path....

My latest news is....

Thurs 12Jan - Blood Test and Oncologist appointment

Mon 16Jan - Chemo (Avastin and Irinotecan) starts again for the second round

Whilst I know what's coming after 16 sessions of chemo I am quite excited to get this started....I have read in the papers about how difficult it is to get Avastin due to the cost etc so I am glad I am with a hospital that believes in it!

Much Love

Tony xxxx


  1. In exactly the same was as YOU keep us going too Tony :)

    I'm laughing at you being excited about restarting your this bloody illness changes us eh LOL....I guarantee that 2.5 yrs ago it would never have crossed your mind to get excited - about Chemo :-))

    Much luv always and big hugs xxXxx

  2. Much love to you Tony. Glad you're able to get access to the best treatment without any hassle. Hang in there bonny lad.

  3. It's a team game. Title in news feed on facebook threw me for a second! Hope it's still tolerable for you, really glad i'll never have a ny more chemo personally.

  4. Thanks Ladies...nice to know that you are out there too! xx

  5. Go, go Avastin!!!!!!!!
    I hope this works for you Tony!
    You're in our thoughts... lots of luck.

  6. Tony, you, Carole and Lisa (Loopy) also keep me going. I agree with Lisa that this is a team game and while I tend to lurk with very few comments, I always look forward to reading from all of you!

  7. Dearest Eric, absolutely we (including you) are part of that team...just those few lines mean so much.

    Thanks and with Much Love

    Tony xxx