Friday, 13 January 2012

Quick Update!

Dear All,

Here is a quick update from my Onco's appointment yesterday...

It is recognised that I now have inoperable cancer in the following areas:

Colon - New
Single Liver Tumour
Pelvic Lymph Nodes
Para Aortic Lymph Nodes

I asked the question as to why the obvious two areas for surgery could not be operated on i.e. the Colon and Liver Tumours. The response was there were highly likely to be other cells in those areas which were just waiting for activity and lack of chemo and they would be off populating my liver and colon with multiple tumours.

In addition to this both would be relatively major operations which would require long periods of recovery and whilst in recovery I would be unable to have chemotherapy. When I had the PET scan several months was noted that the cancer hotspots particularly in my pelvis would not be able to be operated on as the operation would be too extensive.

So yes they could operate and take away the Liver Tumour however there would almost certainly be reoccurences and the requirement for further surgery.

We also discussed SIRT  (Selective Internal Radiation Therapy). It was mentioned sometime ago as a possibility...This has now been ruled out as the criteria is that you have a single liver tumour and are currently post chemo. Unfortunately the multiple areas mean I do not meet the criteria.

Frankly, I am not prepared to be off chemo any longer that I have to...Even though I have been off chemo for only several months, the cancer has shown activity and has grown slightly in my Liver and Colon.

I hope that makes sense, if not ask questions.

p.s. I almost forgot...I enquired about the possibility of radiotherapy...especially on the tumour in my colon...It was refused as I had very high doses previously and I would be at serious risk of internal damage. I have originally 26 sessions but as I was allergic to capecitebine (my chemo drug) it was decided to give me an extra 3 high doses to try and compensate.

Much Love

Tony xxxx


  1. Hello Tony, well you know what you have to fight now..... look forward to hearing that you have started back on chemo and are chewing up those cells and getting back on top of things.
    Good luck.x Deb

  2. I do believe you are lucky that they don't want to operate on you or give you more radiation. Check out Gerson Therapy. It's a nutrition based therapy and is very successful. I used it when I had my scare last year and still try to stick to their plan loosely. It works...

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