Sunday, 15 April 2012

Derwent Dambuster Challenge

Dear All,

As many of you know and have kindly sponsored me already, I was due to do the Derwent Dambuster Challenge walk next Sat 21st April 2012.

Due to recent events relating in 2 stays in hospital and reactions to chemotherapy etc I am unfortunately not in a fit state to complete my personal challenge and at the same time gaining some sponsorship for the registered charity. The tumour/s in my backside..muscles are not responding particularly well to the switch in pain relief so I am barely able to walk 10ft to the toilet let alone 10 miles round the Derwent Dam! I do hope that those that have already so generously sponsored me already, are happy to continue with the brave Frances doing the walk and any others out there yet to sponsor me/ Frances will do so if you are able.

I thank you all and once again apologies that I am unable to make the challenge but I am sure you understand!

Much Love to all

I am number 212 which I hope will be available for Fran to use...have a look on the website. 

Tony xxx

Monday, 9 April 2012

Safe and well back at home

Dear all,

Many many thanks for the kind words of support and prayers. Ma has been keeping my friends in Cancer Research up to speed a a high level and I will give a bit of detail here for all...

As you all know I was very unwell after my chemo on 27th February and missed my birthday on 01st March as just couldn't face anything. I wasn't eating or drinking at that time and was admitted to WPH on 05th March for 8 days, returning home after experiencing a very bad UTI on 13th March.

I rested until my next lot of chemo an even though the signs were there not to go for the chemo I still went ahead on 26th March (changed chemo from Irinotecan to Oxaliplatin). Unfortunately the same pattern followed  and by Sunday 01st April I was admitted to WPH.

By Mon 02nd April I was suffering with the worse case of diarrhoea and vomiting you could ever imagine...It was that bad I can't even joke about it. The ward toilet had to be closed and I used up the ward supply of adult pull-em-ups - I was allocated a private room and a toilet specifically for me so that tests could be carried out. By Tuesday everything had started to settle, all that could be noted was a bad reaction to the chemo tied in with the continuous bowel and bladder infections brought on by the suspected fistula between my bowel and colon. As my temp continued to spike up and down I was kept in until they settled. Dr F came in to see me on Thursday and said that if things continued as they were I should be home for Easter. :-)

...Thurs Eve post blood review - the duty Doctor told me that I was not very well as I had a high temp and Neutropenic (suffering from Neutropenia). Bed rest and a definite stay in hospital is a must.

...Fri Eve, Neutropenia getting better. A high red blood count causing anaemia discovered. A review in 12 hrs decided on.

... Sat day, Still high red cell count evident so decided a couple of bags of blood decided upon, which would be monitored closely over 12-24 hrs.

...Sun day, Due to no high temps and level white and red blood cells I was able to come home Sunday lunch time. :-)

When I came home Fran made me a tin of Scotch Broth and some fresh bread and butter , I hadn't eaten at home properly for over a month so when I started to eat like I hadn't eaten for ages it was exactly true.

Next Steps:

Weds 11th April - Urologist review (Dr Shipstone), I suspect this area is the cause of many of my problems so cant wait for the investigation to be carried out by the experts!

Thu 12th April - Oncologist's review, where Fran and I will discuss my current and past chemo treatments to see if anything could have been done differently and my future chemo plan!

Speak to all soon...

Tony xxx