Sunday, 15 April 2012

Derwent Dambuster Challenge

Dear All,

As many of you know and have kindly sponsored me already, I was due to do the Derwent Dambuster Challenge walk next Sat 21st April 2012.

Due to recent events relating in 2 stays in hospital and reactions to chemotherapy etc I am unfortunately not in a fit state to complete my personal challenge and at the same time gaining some sponsorship for the registered charity. The tumour/s in my backside..muscles are not responding particularly well to the switch in pain relief so I am barely able to walk 10ft to the toilet let alone 10 miles round the Derwent Dam! I do hope that those that have already so generously sponsored me already, are happy to continue with the brave Frances doing the walk and any others out there yet to sponsor me/ Frances will do so if you are able.

I thank you all and once again apologies that I am unable to make the challenge but I am sure you understand!

Much Love to all

I am number 212 which I hope will be available for Fran to use...have a look on the website. 

Tony xxx


  1. Oi Tony no apologies necessary !! Everyone that is in your network of support will totally understand and iam sure they will be more than happy to still sponcer,,, Phew iam glad frans already been signed up as your stand in as was gonna offer myself!!! yey fran you can do it!! ps if not pauls here standing by love you all lots xxxxlittle sis and the hallways xxxx

  2. sorry to hear that tony stay strong thinking of you and your family i know its not much but anythink i can do to help in any way.. Eddie.. dizzys brother xxx

  3. oh Tony , we are just amazed at how u r sooo brave ,nobody will mind and all will b backing Frances ,can we all walk a couple of miles like pass the baton on i will gladly do it much love ma xxxxx