Friday, 27 January 2012

Still awake (2)

And now the opposite from last time...

Diarrhoea = Pain = No sleep = hours of quiet contemplation

Seriously, it is10.30am on Friday morning and I have a planned trip to town to pick up my prescription, do a bit of shopping and post off a package...what with the nuclear fall-out I wont be doing any of it.

I did utilise some of the time awake in a more constructive way by buying a suit...When I became ill, when all the test results were in and I had lost about 5 stone, some through exercise and diet and some through the cancer, I had some really nice clothes including a dinner suit and a couple of reasonably new business suits. I was quite proud that I had given them away to a big bloke somewhere close to Matlock.

I returned to work at RR Donnelley LTD in the spring 2010 (If I recall correctly) and had to leave again a couple of months later. I'd brought another suit under false pretences.

My niece Emma's wedding is fast approaching in several weeks time....I have the enormous honour to do a reading, 1 Corinthians and thereabouts. I tried the suit on late last night and for some reason the suit has shrunk to the size of an old Norman Wisdom suit.

Luckily time is on my side so ordered a nice 3 piece suit (not a sofa and two armchairs). It also has an unusual lilac lining, which actually looks really nice. I will get you all a picture of me at the wedding - I'll bet you can't wait...LOL

Yesterday, I ventured into Matlock to do some shopping from 3 different shops at opposite ends of the High Street. Usually my walking or even driving pace would have completed the tasks in under 10 minutes. My new slow pace of life had my tasks completed in just over 90 minutes. Also due to the slow pace I bumped into Barbara D where we had a quick chat. I plodded across the road and round the corner came Barbara N who's husband John has advanced cancer so was able to give her a Tony hug and ask how she was.

I turned the corner and bumped into Grayden D who's wife Barbara D I had seen only moments before...they both invited me separately to the Peli Deli for a coffee which I unfortunately had to decline due to a pain in the arse and fatigue from the slow plodding!  My final resting place was the Co-op where whilst plodding past the veggie counter I bumped into David a bearer of bad news he informed me that his lovely wife Marie was again in hospital after suffering from another stroke. David and I spoke for sometime and then went our separate ways to complete our shopping.

I finally got home after plodding around Matlock Town centre and thoroughly enjoying the slower pace of my life as it is at the moment...Without the greatly reduced speed I wouldn't have met those lovely people as no doubt I would have been too busy to see them let alone stop and chat!

Time to try and get some rest.

Much Love

Tony xx


  1. I'm so glad you're finding a bright side to the slowness Tony...I find it hard to remember to allow extra time for mine sometimes! I've found a website for black garlic and it lists on the other side of Devon and none in Derbyshire. Waitrose and big Tescos do it but we haven't got any those here either... I can picture the Norman Wisdom look...have you grown taller you think?

  2. Hi Tone, sorry the chemo has started the horrible side effects so soon again !but as you say slower means noticing lovely things as well ,cant wait to see you ,if all is ok, Jane will put things in place at the church if needed !!love ma n pa xxxxxx

  3. Hey Tony,
    Nice job on the suit. It looks great on you! Hopefully you will be feeling a bit better for the wedding festivities. It sounds like you had fun running into lots of friends on your shopping trip. Best of luck. Carla

  4. Tony you handsome look gorgeous in that suite.
    Maggie x

  5. Hi Maggie unfortunately that is not me in the suit but a male model from the catalogue so paid to look lovely Ha Ha Ha

    I have put a picture of me next to the beast miranda the motorbike...

    Sorry to dissapoint

    T xxx

  6. And what's to be disappointed about? Real men in leathers eh, by real I mean gorgeous lovely men not macho nonsense.
    Maggie x