Monday, 26 December 2011

Christmas Day....

The day started at 08.30 with stockings being opened...main presents wait until after dinner and Queen's speech.

Then at 09.30 we met up with the Third-Space crowd in the bandstand in Matlock Park for the usual Christmas Service. All had a piece planned but Fran decided to leave hers as she could see I was starting to struggle.

It was two notes for all to ponder...not necessarily there at the bandstand but anywhere the mood took us. I found the question about 'What would we think if everyone were celebrating our birthday in such a huge way?' rather amusing as I personally would see that the majority were not celebrating as I would like them to. I then thought of what Jesus would think about the way we as Christians and Atheists celebrate his birthday...would he be mad at the way it is celebrated..probably not mad, but I bet he would be a little dissapointed at the way much is made of whether or not a great Christmas is had by what presents are received!

The other one is, what would we be doing with our lives if Jesus had not been born...for one there would be no Christmas and we would not be called many of us would believe in God as he still exists whether Jesus did or not. This one will take me a little more time to ponder...

Wendy's item was simple but made the biggest impact I thought...she had a shepherds crook, parcel labels and pens...we were to write as many names as we needed to of people who we wanted to bring before God at their time of need. Looking at those labels as they flickered in the wind was very thought provoking...

I did say to Wend that I expected my name to be mentioned at least 6 times on the labels and whilst I knew my name was there it doesn't need a label to show me how hard my family, friends in Matlock and friends globally are praying and thinking of me. I often see people in town that I know from one of the 10+ churches in our circuit, they stop me to tell me that they prayed for me that week. There are too many people to thank personally but you all know who you are and how much it means to me...I really do believe in miracles and whilst I seem to be struggling that little bit more this year than last I know there is still many chances for me and Christmases to be experienced.

Since being told that I have inoperable cancer I have been a little more reckless than usual with my driving...often pulling to a stop at Matlock train station with a hand-brake Charlotte's embarrassment. I am pleased to say that Fran has brought me a stunt driving experience for Christmas. I would never drive in a way that would be dangerous to anyone else but experiencing driving on two wheels and spinning the car round doing a proper hand-brake turn is a dream come true...I will let you know how that goes...I have to book soon as either surgery or chemo will slow me down in Jan-Feb next year.

Anyways...I slept from 10.30 til about 2pm when Fran called me for dinner...It wasn't the usual size, stacked up but a pretty picture of perfect portions...she knew I wouldn't be up to the big roasts of old so it was perfect!

Spoke with Catherine and the grandaughters and look forward to seeing them all next week. Just had a cuddle from Charlotte and she has made me a nice hot cuppa which I am drinking before trying to get some sleep after sleeping most of today :-)

My thoughts are with so many out there but special mentions have to go with Carole, Lisa and Deb...will speak with you all next Christmas!

Much Love

Tony xxxx

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