Monday, 5 December 2011

Update - 05th December 2011

Hello All,

I had a review with my Oncologist today after my CT scan a couple of weeks ago. I have also had a break from chemo after 16 Irinotecan and 13 Avastin, it was having a real effect on me and hurt me so much in my leg bones and muscles that I was having trouble walking. I am pleased to say after a 6 week break I am feeling so much better.

The results of my CT scan showed that all the cancer impacted areas were stable - therefore the lymph glands in chest and pelvis and the tumour in my liver are all doing okay...Not being shrunk or disappearing however they are not growing either and that is not bad for a year (since last Oct 2010). They have noted several spots in my chest of about 1mm each however they are not sure these are significant so will just continue to keep an eye out.

The intense pain that I have been feeling in my backside is well under control with morphine etc - the pain is caused by an ulcer situated on the join where the original tumour site was. The whole area is not looking good and could potentially hide cancer cell activity. My surgical care team decided that the best course of action would be to operate and remove a reasonable section of my colon, thus clearing the ulcer and all other rubbish. This would also remove the need for so much morphine although a downside is that I would need a permanent colostomy/stoma - I considered this option long and hard and as I am taking a break from chemo it seems the right thing to do (I cannot have surgery whilst on Avastin as this would stop the healing process and blood clotting)

It has also been discovered that I have what is known as a fistula between my colon and my bladder - pretty gross, this is where the body decides to build its own link between organs, that link is not necessarily good and is a direct result of the chemo - the surgery should help to clear this up also.

I will let you know when the surgery is, hopefully soon and I will make sure I don't spend 7 weeks in hospital this time!

Much Love to all,

Tony xxxx


  1. Glad you're feeling better with the break from chemo. And also glad you have a plan of action with surgery etc. A lot to take in bonny lad, but it sounds like they're taking good care of you.

    Thinking of you lots, Tony

    Much love as always

    Lisa x

  2. All our love and support Tone ,ma n pa xxxxxxxxx

  3. Well, that sounds mostly shents says it sounds like they are taking care of you and that you can see some light at the end of some tunnels. Please don't stay in hospital for seven weeks...we'll miss you!