Monday, 19 December 2011

Cold Turkey at Christmas! (2)

Not so simple as I thought - Trying to stop 160mg+ of Morphine per day is not an easy task....yesterday I was climbing the walls, sweating and very, very tired. I even had to leave Fran in Church in the middle of the first prayer of which I offer sincere apologies to our local minister David.

In the afternoon I was due to meet our great friends for a Carol concert in one of our local pubs....I was so looking forward to it but spent the time in bed trying to sleep off this horrible feeling. More apologies for not turning up.

I have tried taking 60mg a day but still feel pretty rough. I missed a call from Dr P this morning so will give him a call tomorrow. I am sure he will give me his usual brand of sensible advice to get me sorted.

God Bless all,

Tony xxxx


  1. Hey Tony, I'm really sorry to hear you're struggling so much with this. Who would have thought there'd be a downside to less pain ;-(

    Thinking of you

    Angelinthemaking (Gabi)

  2. Hi Tony,
    Lets hope that by Christmas you will be feeling a bit better. I hope you get chance to enjoy it with your family.

    Love Soo