Sunday, 11 December 2011

Next appointment...

Not long ago received an appointment letter from Mr S's clinic. I am to see him next Thursday 15th December for an initial meeting where we will review details.

I am sure the surgery to remove the ulcer and part of my large intestine alongside fitting me for a stoma wont be before Christmas as assume it is too late to slot me in. Although if it is, Fran and I have discussed and I will accept the date and get it over with!

Kind Regards to all, will keep you up to speed after Thurs.

Tony xx


  1. On October 28 I had emergency surgery for a perforated bowel - no history and no previous issues. As a result I have a stoma (my tum bum)and use colostomy bags. It took a couple of weeks to heal, and another while to adjust, and there was some discomfort as the stoma healed. It is working fine now, and although it is a bit of a nuisance managing the bag change and skin health, it is not a biggy. At least mine should get reversed early next year. I hope your op goes well. Prayers and best wished coming from your NZ cuzzies.

  2. hi Tone ,yes i agree its better to take the first option n get it over with ,much love see u soon love ma n pa xxxxxx

  3. Hi Peter,

    It means a lot that you have made contact. I also had a temporary one last January which slipped a stitch so the colon was below the skin line..had it been perm they would have operated again. It was great to have the reversal in June last year which went like clock work. Shame I have to have a permie one but good from here from a person who didn't have too many issues once it was gotten used to. Thanks once again....catch up soon, prayers also come back your way that the reversal goes to plan!

    Much Love, Tony xx

  4. Hi Tony,
    It is so impressive to see how you and Fran work together through each part of your journey. I hope your surgery comes sooner if only to get rid of what's causing you pain. How is Charlotte holding up?
    Sending love and prayers your way,
    Steve and Carla