Thursday, 15 December 2011

Todays appointment with Mr S

The day started well with a calming prayer in the examination room whilst I waited for Mr S.

However when I heard Mr S asking his nurse to get the KY Jelly I knew it wasn't going to be a fun appointment!

Anyway - not so bad as after the internal examination Mr S concluded that the lump had reduced in size. I also discussed my requirement to chuck pain killers down my throat had reduced quite a bit since I started my chemo rest which concludes that the chemo was a central cause of the pain on my ulcer.

I no longer take the Amitriptyline and have reduce my morphine tablets by 25% and will be looking to take back some more control over the next few days. As you can imagine you cant stop reasonably high morphine doses in a single day otherwise withdrawal symptoms would occur.

Even if the pain is being eliminated and hopefully attributed to the chemo and bio treatment the ulcer and fistula are still there to be dealt with, however I am hoping the treatment may not be so drastic.

As there could be a suspected reoccurence of the original bowel cancer I am to have a detailed MRI and a CT scan.

So, sort of good news, personally I don't like not being off chemo so long but quality of life is far better for the moment so maybe a consideration for the future....we'll see!

Much Love to all, but a special mention to TonyB who lost his battle a short while ago.

An additional special mention to Carole (Dizzie), Lisa (Loopy), Deb (Kentmum) and Tanya who are all experiencing their own struggles and remain with humour!

Tony xxx

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  1. Great news that you've managed to reduce the pain meds Tony...and that the surgery might not have to be so drastic.

    Lovely catching up with you today - I always feel better after a chat with you

    And yes, special mention to the very brave man, TonyB. RIP xx

    Hugs xxXxx