Saturday, 4 February 2012

My 2012 Derwent Dambuster 10-mile Challenge


In Dec 2009 I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Bowel Cancer which had infiltrated a number of lymph nodes. Surgery was performed to remove the cancer and lymph nodes and unfortunately the chemo was stopped after 4 days due to an allergic reaction.
In Oct 2010 secondary metastases were discovered - a single tumour in my liver and cancerous 'hotspots' in my para-aortic lymph nodes and my pelvis. I was told the cancer that had returned was inoperable.
In Jan 2012 the cancer returned to the original bowel cancer site as well as the secondarys.
I was given a leaflet for Challenge Cancer Through Adventure over a year ago as friends of mine thought I deserved some fun. I finally started looking at what I wanted to do as an Adventure. Within the site there was a link for The 2012 Derwent Dambuster 10-mile Challenge, this is what I have decided to take part in as my challenge whilst raising funds for CCTA:
Some may think that Cancer is enough of a challenge but I need some other challenge, some fun - Why not raise some money at the same time!
Much Love to you all and Thank-You in advance!
Tony xx


  1. Just checked out this challenge cancer thing...sounds very interesting through only local to you...tried to get on an Odyssey adventure programme a couple of years back but places like gold dust! Well done you!

  2. Challenge cancer through adventure sounds great organisation...and you are a great guy for having a go. Utterly with you on this and donation to follow. I tried to go on an Odyssey adventure programme a while back but places are very limited. If only there were more things like this...

  3. Tony,
    What a beautiful course and neat event to participate in. I only wish it was closer so that Steve and I could join in the fun. Hope you have nice weather on the day of the event.
    Good luck and enjoy!

  4. Gosh you are a brave one!!! it will be great all that fresh air !!!with you all the way ,even if its just watching : ) love ma n pa xxx

  5. Hi
    Wow this looks fab. I am impressed. I am sure you will really enjoy this. Is Fran doing it with you? I am having trouble linking to the donate page??

  6. Julie, nope doing it all by myself with the other competitors,

    Thanks for attempting to donate, try this link:

    Much Love

    Tony x

  7. Eeh Tony, this sounds fab - well done you! Sponsorship will follow! You doing any training for this?


  8. Yes, and taking it seriously too as not done muck for the last couple of years...I did quite abit of hill walking round Matlock before I became ill. So starting off at 2 miles, then 4, 6, 8 and 10...I will do a mix of flat and relatively easy hills as the walk is mainly flat round the dam. So looking forward to actually doing something and keeping fit afterwards to help me through the ravages of chemo...I should be on cycle 5 and two weeks post chemo so starting to all systems go! xxxxx

    1. meant to say much not muck ha ha ha

    2. There's a fab website where you can plan your routes accurately - we used it for our training for the moonwalk - you register for free, then put your postcode in, click out a route and it measures the distance for you/plots out the gradient etc. - really useful!
      Good luck! (And don't forget to pack a couple of doughnuts on your training walks in case you get hungry! :-))

    3. Nice plan Shents, I will have a look tomorrow and yes love them doughnuts!

      T xx

  9. Good luck with the challenge.

    Have you or Shents heard anything from Carole since Sarah updated her FB page. Worrying to hear she was hospitalized and now all is quiet.