Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Day 153 Tue 12/05/10

Hello blog....

Today is a good day and do you know what there arn't that many bad days lately...

Things appear to be looking up and I feel better and stronger than I have for quite some time. Of course there are still the every day things to contend with but I feel mentally stronger and fit enough to deal with them and move on...

Prayer is playing a big part alongside my daily EFT sessions so I should be feeling better right?

The radiotherapy has started to display its side effects such as stanley filling with water and my lower region getting sore. It is now uncomfortable to sit down for any length of time as my backside is a bit tender...funny it does feel like sunburn! I thought I had done away with the pain in the a+*& when I had the tumour removed. However this is only short term until the treatments have finished.

I have had it confirmed yesterday that I will have a further 3 treatments next week as it is going okay. This will give it a better chance of not returning seeing as I cant have the chemo!

Fran has just come back from a course for EFT and treating Cancer - she has returned armed with loads of diet instructions and a lovely health drink that smells, looks like and strangely tastes like fish food - apparently it will do me good apart from making my wee glow in the dark!

I will also update you all following my appointment with the surgical consultant on Thursday - we are to discuss the stoma reversal - It may have to wait on the radiotherapy side effects slowing down however should be in the next month...that will be great and whilst I am accepting of stanley and the routine I wont miss having to lie on my bed for two hours with my lower intestine open to the elements. I have to air the area around stanley as it is a bit sore also stanley doesn't know when to stop, so I cant put the necessary sticky stuff down so can take a while!

I am off to see Lyn (our minister) at her weekly surgery in a little while just for a chat and some prayer...I hear from Mike that she has quality street there too, I love the purple ones!

Much love to all, please dont worry about me as all okay....lets just get back to our normal lives as getting a bit tired of this now, time to move on!

Tony xx


  1. I love the purple Quality Street too, so save some for me PLEASE! love to all of you. Deb x

  2. hey big bro glad to see things looking up!!sorry to hear ya botty sore hope that soon feels better!!!love ya loads and we thank you for your concern of others feelings as always!!xxlove to you all xxxxxlittle sis xxx

  3. Much love to you too Tone!

    Take carexx

  4. love to you rocking horse x. just been looking at your photos - "who threw that then?" bought back loads of memories! writing this through my sisters pc as not online yet. have some photos from back in the day to upload when online in the next few weeks. thinking of you and sending love and light to you and fran. trace and mark xxxx

  5. things are looking so much better , thanks for extra update 2day (thurs 13th)dad &i were so happy to get that info ,.. lots of love as always to you all ma n pa xxxxxx