Thursday, 6 May 2010

Day 147 Thu 06/05/10


Latest update....I had my 2nd opinion review yesterday. It was a nice surprise as I was waiting on a phone call for the appointment - I was lying very still waiting for the radiotherapy to start whirring away when the radiographer told me that Dr ***** was available that same afternoon and would be able to see me after my treatment.

Off I went and as expected I was informed that he concurred with my oncologist that it was indeed to risky to give me any further chemo. There unfortunately is no other treatment other than the radiotherapy that has a good chance of clearing up any localised dodgy cells...

He did say that they are more concerned about the localised cancer returning therefore the focus was always to be on the radiotherapy. What he did say is that usually if chemo and radiotherapy are given together there is no requirement to have such a high dose of radiotherapy. That said, as I am not having the chemo he is going to recommend several high doses of radiotherapy at the end of my planned treatment plan which is due to complete on Friday 14 May. There is the increased risk of a couple of side effects being more severe such as diarrhoea and soreness what with the insides being exposed - thankfully Fran and I are prepared for this with extra stoma bags, a fridge load of fluids ready for IV infusion and several hundred loperamide (which is the active ingredient in Immodium). We are prepared and will get on with it!

I am looking forward to Richard's visit from work next week with the HR team - it will be good to show them how strong I am getting as a prelude to getting back to work. I need to chase up the results of my proctogram (scan to check the original join) - this will dictate when the surgical team can plan in the stoma reversal!

Chris and Colin came round earlier and it was only a shame that we had to go out as woul;d have liked to spend a bit more time with them....I mentioned that it would be good to have a church healing evening soon where we could have some focused prayer on the sick and needy or those like myself that need to hope that I dont get sick - they are to make enquiries and get back to me - they really are great at arranging things.

I really do feel pretty strong at the moment and what with stanley behaving and not leaking, I feel better than I have for more than I can to be careful that I dont get carried away.

I am conscious that I want to acknowledge what I have learnt from my experiences over the past 6 months...the old saying what doesn't kill you makes you stronger just keeps rattling around in my head!

Gods blessings to all.

Tony xx


  1. that is sooo true Tone!!!!keep strong loadsa luv to you fran n the girls , i feel u are relaxing a bit more ,everything takes time to mend as you know so pleased u are getting that extra dose of treatment , it will make you more confident luv mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. thanks for the update Tony, as always the words u use and the way u write fall on the up beat and positive side,Im glued to everyword i read! Im expecting a book at the end of this journey. Fran and yourself are a tower of strenght together,what a wonderful couple!! love to u both and your children lin xx

  3. Hi Tony, It was so good that you were with us in the pub on Wednesday evening. Amazing how we can all discuss these taboo subjects in Third Space and still remain good buddies. Good to hear you got your appointment for a second opinion without too much waiting about. It all sounds more optimistic. Love to you Fran and Charlotte - Barbara xxx