Sunday, 20 June 2010

Day 192 Sun 20/06/10

Hi All,

Photo shows my journey so far - fat bloke on the left is me a year ago and on the right a few weeks ago...soon I hope to have a 3rd photo of me as I am fully recovered and fit as a fiddle!

Had a great day on Fran's birthday with a lovely Indian meal to finish the day

Father's day was great - Kippers for breakfast with bread & butter and juice, Church was great as it was their 107th anniversary and Eileen made a strawberrys and cream was beautiful and I did note that the only criticism was that it needs to be a bit bigger next time :-) That was the last food until after the op as need to clear my tubes out...lovely!

Many thanks for the kind words of encouragement...all ready to go now and get this sorted. Just been to the hospital for my Tinzaparin injection in my tummy - It was nice to see a couple of familiar faces as spent 7 weeks on the same ward. The staff nurse was great and instead of having to go and do the formal lie on the bed and mess up a set of sheets I just stood in a side room and had the injection and was out in seconds. Being in for so long has its advantages as I know the drill and feel comfortable walking in there.

Speak to you all in a few days.

T x


  1. we cant wait to hear from you as soon as u are up to texting , it will be such a relief for u to get the op over , we will be up to see u as soon as u r ready or not,( when you kids played hide n seek someone always said i havent hidden yet :) ) lots of love from all ma n pa xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Hi Ma, It is open house this time as I am not expecting to be as ill as last time...doh I shouldn't have said that...

    T xx

  3. if u still in saturday prepare for the avalanche everyone wants to come, we r issuing tickets, sooo glad the op is over i bet u are lots luv ma pa n everyone xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. Hi Tony, I am not sure if you knew but up until one year ago I had a naughty Stoma too called Roo. Roo used to leake so much and through the night it drove me insane! Up and down to the loo, making sure if I went out there was a toilet near and hoping I would not run out of bags from leaking when I was out. In the end I had to change my bag to a hard adhesive to keep Roo bag stuck to my side. Aren't Stoma Nurses GREAT? Let me know if you need anything. xxxxxxx Natalie Freeman