Monday, 28 June 2010

Day 200 Mon 28/06/10

If you don't want to hear about my body functions then stop reading now, otherwise read on as this is an honest and warts n all account...

Been a bit in pain today and after my newly connected bowels going into overdrive, slowed to zero for a couple of days. Then I spent the first half of the football match in the en-suite...seemed rather apt!

I have been worried as I have my oncologist appointment later today and had huge concerns about going out and away from my en-suite for any distance (6 ft or more).This appointment is to check on how I am after radiotherapy as a sort of follow-up...I have the official 6 month check next month. Fran suggested that I give them a call in the morning and explain the situation and as I always do what Fran says will call them in the morning....I will suggest that Dr F calls me at home unless absolutely needs to see me face 2 face. If that is the case I will reschedule when I settle down a bit and can walk better.

The District nurses have been coming along each day except Sunday and doing a fine job in taking out the packing and redressing my wound...It is looking clean and healthy so far.

I tried some of my 'Dr Schulzes' superfood today as want to get back to my regime of blended spinach and superfood drinks alongside the many supplements (Vit C, Multi vitamins and AFA). This turned out a big mistake....I will have to leave the superfood and spinach smoothies until my bowel settles.

Must get to bed and try and sleep...cant get used to sleeping on my back so lie awake for a bit....too much time to think!

Fran and I are enjoying the conservatory - there are a couple of armchairs in there that Fran got from freecycle which are perfect...we sit there chatting, drinking tea, admiring the garden or just quiet reading..this morning we combined EFT with prayer thanking the lord for the universe and its wonders and the healing that is occurring.

Catherine (our daughter) seems to be getting her head round sorting her self out...I really hope she can this time as she is a lovely girl (woman) who needs some level ground for a is all in her control!

T x


  1. p.s. I have a photo of my stomach if you want to see it...somehow I think there wont be any takers!

  2. Tony, Just catching up on your progress and good to see your spirits are continuing to be high. Your comment about being in the en-suite for the first half of the football is interesting, as the majority of the millions watching would probably concur that that's exactly where the recent performances belong.
    Jim Wigmore

  3. Hope the pain is a little easier today sure everything will settle back into a proper routine shortly.

    Liked Jim's comment above re the football - very apt :-)

    Did you manage to get to the Oncology appointment or have you delayed it til next month?

    Wishing you all better soon - C xxx

  4. So glad to read that everything is going well. Just been talking to Sylv and we both send all our love. Soo xxxxx

  5. HiTone hope things will settle down soon !!! glad you n Frances are enjoying the conservatory we will see it soon when we visit !! lots of love ma n pa nall xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  6. T- hope you are ok. I love your blog, you are such an inspiration. I'm sending lots of positive love and prayers your way xx

  7. hi tone ,it must be a bit of a struggle to keep your spirits up all the time!!! but this wont go on forever tho probably feels like it , sending you all the love from us all luv ma n pa happy day tomorrow !!!!!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx