Thursday, 8 July 2010

Day 210 Thu 08/07/10

DONT READ ON IF YOU DONT WANT GRAPHIC DETAILS - HOWEVER THERE IS A LEARNING POINT HERE FOR ALL..Just because it says Aloe Vera, doesn't mean to say it will soothe you!!!

Oh my goodness...

I went back on my wheatgrass late last night and this morning and I can tell you it had a devastating effect on my stomach. I reckon my poor large intestine needs a bit more time to adjust to normal food.

I was so, so sore I was crying out in pain but the worst of it came when I spotted some aloe vera aftersun on the windowsill in the bathroom...I applied some to the sore area and I screamed.

Note to self...don't confuse aloe vera aftersun with the natural plant extract as the aftersun apparently has alcohol in it...ouch!

Anyways, back to normality..

I am looking to go back to work soon in about a weeks time...can't wait and I am sure I have got under Fran's feet a bit :-)

Went to Third-Space last night...all were on great form, planned out the next few months and all focused well on the year ahead diary...not! Sorry B for misbehaving and not paying attention :-)

Ma an Pa, little sis Jane and hubby Paul came for a visit yesterday and brought some lovely plants for the garden...always good to see them and have a nice chat about ME! So sorry they got caught in traffic on the way home and the 3 hr journey turned into 5 1/2.

Wound looking good and healing amazingly well, district nurse came today and is so pleased will come again on Monday.

Unless anything crazy happens will update again after my oncologist appointment on Monday.

Have a great weekend all!

Tony x

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  1. Tip from Radiotherapy staff - if the area is painfully sore, so sore that even wiping yourself clean is agony then put a large dollop of Aqueous cream onto the loo roll before wiping - so much easier to bear and really does bring some instant relief.

    As for the healthy stuff - maybe give it a little longer for things to resettle yet.
    Great news about the wound healing so well now.