Thursday, 15 July 2010

The Power of Friendship and Prayer

With all the traditional and complementary therapies that have been working continuously, they would not have been as successful without the huge power of prayer and love that has surrounded me throughout...I have felt God's love and protection on many, many occasions and at my most painful it is my strong belief and the warm blanket of your friendship that has helped me through.

There are still checks to be done to confirm but I am confident everything I and all around me (Globally) are doing will sort me out!

Much Love and God Bless

Tony xx

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  1. What a journey, Tony.
    You've also hoyed the blanket of friendship over so many people on the Cancer Chat Forum.
    I attended a school leavers service at Newcastle cathedral with my 9 year a couple of weeks ago. The vicar had a tough job entertaining 100's of 1st and primary school kids.
    He held up a big cardboard banner he'd made, with the word 'LOVE' painted on it and asked the kids how many corners it had. Answer - 4.
    He then took the scissors and cut 2 of the corners off. He generously gave those 2 corners to 2 of the kids and asked everyone how many he had left.
    '2' they replied.
    'Count again,' he smiled.
    '6' they replied, amazed, and not only that, but the 2 kids with the corners had actually been given 3 corners - not one - and so it went on....
    You must have thousands of corners, Tony - you've given so much of your time and wise words to so many in need on the forum, despite your own struggles. You are a star and I'm so glad you are finally getting sorted out!

    Shents x