Thursday, 15 July 2010

Day 216 Thu 15/07/10

I have spent the past two days up in Northumberland visiting my integrative therapist Dr Kate James (an amazing person - Thank-you Kate for so much!). Integrative therapy uses the amazing power of conventional and holistic medicine working together in harmony! We did some (actually quite alot of EFT) where I found out all sorts of things about myself and closed a few doors well and truly shut. It seems that the work Fran and I had been working on (Fran is a highly experienced EFT practitioner) had come to a close. I now have a daily routine of supplements and procedures to detox me and get me internally working at optimum strength. In addition will be embarking on a the 'Matlock Fitness Regime' (It involves walking up and down the hills in town) to get my cardio-vascular and muscles working.

I truly believe I no longer have cancer 'I AM CURED' and if it does come a knocking at my door then I will be more than equipped to kick its arse!

There are some out there in the big wide world that will be sceptical of a holistic approach however I have experienced how good I feel and will be continuing...this is a life changing regime that is with me now into old age!

The rest of my long life will be an adventure, who knows where it will take me!

I had my oncologist appointment last Monday which was just a sign-off to check I was okay after the radiotherapy...Next step is to visit the Colorectal team on Monday 19th July to plan out the next few months of checks etc.

Wound healing amazingly well!

Things have not been easy for anyone over the past 7 months however time to move on and get back to work and on with MY LIFE!

Much Love and God Bless

Tony xx


  1. Tony, what a great post, thanks for letting everyone know how you feel. I for one, am very interested in progress of this illness and to hear such a positive post has really lifted me as I look forward to the day that my sis can say this, wow, what a party that will be. take care x

  2. AM SOOO PLEASED !!!!was great to see you all cannot believe how the time has past from those first teary phone calls to now saying hooooraaaayyyyy !!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxluv from ma n pa xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. oops i meant time has passed, it is late n i,m tired yes tone & old ha ha xxx