Friday, 5 November 2010

Evil Irene and Dom Perignon!

Hi Gang,

Back from WPH and now off to bed to crash..

The Day Case unit where the chemo is administered is on the 1st floor and so is the chapel so as we were a bit early we popped in to have a chat with the Big Man upstairs...I think I might 'get there early' and make this part of my regime as it settled me.

First set of Evil Irene - Irinotecan, under me belt. What an experience...The staff are fantastic and I was well looked after.

Due to my poor battered veins they wrapped my arms in a heated blanket to warm my veins up...the cannula went in first time.

First there was the water flush, then an injection into the bag of Domperidone (anti-sickness) closely followed by a steroid injection. The Irinotecan was then hooked up and I had an Atropine (to reduce some of the immediate side effects) injection in my arm...I was warned that it would hurt a bit and after telling the nurse that I was used to injections and would be okay she said again that it would hurt...she was right!

I hadn't eaten all day as was a bit nervous and was warned that I would get bad stomach, gripe type pains due to the chemo...also if my vision was blurry I was to call and they would give me another Atropine injection...I did have to have another injection and immediately felt better...also the nurse brought me a cheese sandwich and a bit of cake.

There was an amazing and surprising feeling of happiness in the room, there are three suites but they are all in the same large room.. I had to tell two ladies behind me to behave as they were having way too much fun, laughing and sniggering...great to see and not at all what I WPH is a cancer hospital the whole ethos is around cancer but instead of bringing the mood down it lifts it up...

H, the Macmillan nurse came and had a chat when Fran went off to make my appointments and made me cry with her care and kind words...she was genuinely sorry for doing so but I needed that chat - she went to the ward to get my supplies and I left at 5.30pm for Fran to drive me home...we thought it best she drove as I was eating, drinking, moving and talking in slow motion so probably for the best.

And just so's you know that it is not all doom and gloom I got Fran to take a snap - Fun and Happy Tony with a little electric blanket to keep me comfy!

Anyways I am off to bed...night, night x



  1. Hello Tony, Pleased to hear you have got through the first session, keep on smiling you are on the up again. Thinking about you and Franny.
    Love Sylvia & Sue xxx

  2. sooo glad the first one is out of the way!!!! hope symptoms arnt too bad !! all our luv ma n pa xxxxxxxxxxx

  3. well done Tony.
    Night night dear friend

  4. First one out of the way and hopefully you'll suffer few side effects.

    Thinking of you and wishing only good things for you Tony. Love to Fran too xxx

    PS. Don't worry about calling me over the w/end if you're tired or unwell.
    J will be in touch with you next week by phone.

  5. thats the first out of the way,hope you dont feel too bad from it.

    love from andrew,ailish,john and hannah"calm down dear its just a mercial"songhurst

  6. Hope you dont have too many side effects.I actually missed the chemo unit when I finished chemo !!Apart fro
    m the needles it is good meeting place.
    stay strong.
    Rose xxx

  7. Hi Tony,
    so good to know you are in such good hands there, they do such fantastic work!
    hope the side effects of the chemo aren't too bad for you.
    sending all our love, caroline, paul, george, Eve Hibbitt xx

  8. You need to get yourself a points card for all these hospital visits! Looks nice and clean with all the mod cons, including a fan for each suite!

    Good luck Tony with the treatment, I hope all goes smoothly for you and Fran. Sarah x

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