Saturday, 13 August 2011

Chemo experiences

Hello good buddies

I am home from Weston Park from my I have said before we are usually so negative about chemo when in fact we should embrace the treatment.

This may not happen with everyone but before I started on my recent treatment, I would not think of justifying to the masses...

What I do is advertise amongst family, friends  and to do a mixture of the following to make you feel better:

Drink plenty of water/fruit juice
I drink Green Juice, (bag spinach, Stick of celery, 2-3 granny smiths, 6-8 carrots, piece of ginger, 2 pots of wheat grass) makes for one powerfully green juice shake - I split it into 3 cartons and have at intervals throughout the day so it is not too much at any one time!

Now there may be some of  you are sceptical and believe all cure should be done via a doctor or through the will of god, However I feel it is quite obvious that those around me see that my vitamins and minerals are keeping me strong. It is gods will that has lead me to the path that I am on and yes there is still the 'why me' conversation to continuously have with the man upstairs!

I have found praying particularly difficult at the moment but I have every faith normal service will remain soon!

My hair is a bit patchy - but not bad after 14 Irinotecan and 10 Avastin, all nutrician will continue until my body gives up and at that point we will change medication.

Much love in mind, body and spirit.

Tony xxxxx


  1. Tony, again thanks for reading my blog. Good for you for not giving up and doing what you need to do. I myself drink and eat carrot juice and eat WILD Blueberries(only found them frozen).I will mix them with plain or vanilla yogurt.I was told by a few doctors that these two things that can help. Keep strong and take care my friend. Bill

  2. hey tony, good for you doing the shakes thing! sounds uber healthy. praying for you - you're an inspiration. big love, caz x x