Sunday, 4 September 2011

Another set of treatments bites the dust!

I have on last Friday completed No 14 of Irinotecan and No 11 of Avastin. I think we have the after effects under control in fact I know we do. I do heavy sessions of EFT before hand. We concentrate on the chemo etc doing its job and not getting diverted or diluted to other parts of my body. I have acupuncture several days after the chemo to cleanse my liver and lymphatic system. I also take two lorazepam an hour before the treatment which is usually during the hours drive to Weston Park Hospital in Sheffield.

Whilst having the treatment I listen on my ipod to positive affirmations which are a series of beautiful music with sounds of the sea and subliminal messages regarding relaxation, healing cancer etc.

At my Oncologist meeting on Thursday I requested further information about surgery on my liver...My oncologist politely noted that due to the cancer spread in my pelvis and chest I would not be a viable candidate for liver surgery due to the size of the operation balanced against the other areas. It was however agreed that would be considered strongly for a procedure called SIRT (Selective Internal Radiation Therapy). At present WPH do not have the facility to carry out this procedure however after the next cycle of chemo culminating in my CT scan they should have the facility by October of this year. The times work well as they can judge the size of my liver tumour and be in a position to make an informed decision whether to carry out SIRT or not.

I have a good feeling about SIRT namely because it is a hot topic within the press at the moment and because three separate people in my life have read and forwarded article about this subject...Thanks to Carol for the link in Metro, Wendy for the artice popped through my door and mum for the pointer to the Review Sunday magazine from the Mail on Sunday...I love the fact you are all looking out for me and that the omens for SIRT are strong...fingers crossed and prayers being said for my next scan.

Much Love to you all

Tony xxxx


  1. Hi Tony,

    Always be looking out for you, in exactly the same way you're always looking out for me :)

    SIRT seems a really good option and people have had amazing results with this procedure, both here and especially in the US.

    Hugs and always got you in my thoughts xxxx

  2. I scour the papers mags t.v progs etc hoping to find something good !!glad this one sounds really interesting , good luck to all lots luv as always ma n pa xxxxxxxxx

  3. Tony,

    You should definitely take a look at my blog.

    Make sure you watch all videos there.

    The cancer cure is here in nature. Its available in almost every supermarket.
    But well hidden..

    I am not selling you anything. I want to help you.

    Just take a look and make your own judgement.

    Adi R.

  4. Hi Tony

    I have this blog amongst those I follow. Its a lady in the US who underwent SIRT (Or SIR-sphere I think she calls it).

  5. Thanks Fiona, I read the fantastic testimony from Karen and will be sure to follow her blog with interest.


    T xxx

  6. Thanks Carole, this SIRT seems to have a direction that I want to take!

    Much Love

    T xxxx

  7. Just in case you considered my posts spam - I was here personally just to help YOU TONY cure cancer.

    But if you do not want so, then feel free to ignore another message.

    I am not selling you any junk, like doctors do. The crap that doesnt work.

    WATCH the videos!!

  8. Hi Tony,
    I just wanted to say thank you for sending Steve the affirmations. They are really helping him to relax at bedtime so that he can fall asleep. (Something he has never been very good at doing.) His brain doesn't seem to know how to turn off and shut up. The affirmations give him something else to focus on.