Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Birthdays aint so bad...

CT Scan okay as CT scans go...results in a couple of weeks and until then no news is good news....'Don't borrow trouble until trouble comes' is my motto!

Had a great Birthday today 01.Mar, I thanked the Lord for a beautiful day, for family and friends who wished me a Happy Birthday. Catherine my eldest daughter came up with my two beautiful grandaughters from Newbury, just for a couple of hours for some lunch - meant loads and got a rather expensive bottle of Olive Oil. My youngest daughter Charlotte brought me a rather expensive PC game, a new and updated version of a game we used to play years ago. I mentioned expensive not because I know they care more because they cost more just because I know they thought a lot about what I may like.

Minister Lyn popped round with a card and I went for a quick spin on my bike to show off to Catherine and the girls....I pulled a great wheelie quite by mistake but apparently it was a good one! On my bike travels I tooted outside Chris and Colin's house and they both came out with a card and big smiles...

Fran, well what can I say..... Breakfast in bed, and a bottle of Jaipur, alongside a great bottle of wine and dinner for two at Stones and some money for some Kevlar Jeans for casual bike wear..We also went to Chatsworth Farm shop to buy pies for dinner....had a bath before dinner and my bottle of Jaipur 'just the one'. Pie and Mash for dinner and had to blow the candles out again on my cake and of course eat another piece!

Later in the evening the Kenyons arrived with a spooky surprise...two pies from the Chatsworth Farm shop that I had looked at and were going to buy at a later date...what a present :-)

Spoke with me Ma and chatted about my day... received a photo of the family a while back....good memories.

and finally just checked Facebook, there were over 100 birthday messages...

Sitting here having quiet time at 30 mins past my birthday I am reflecting on the day... I had a thought that all the special presents, the attention, the cards and the messages were so numerous and expressive of love and caring, that all this was because I am ill and I have cancer....then I remembered last year and all the birthdays that Fran has worked so hard at that I have never fully appreciated - I haven't ever really enjoyed birthdays like I should have, therefore I have never really noticed and fully appreciated the special presents, the attention, the cards and the messages that were numerous and expressive of love and caring. This birthday is the same as all the others, I just have had my eyes closed and my senses dulled.

Well a revelation, Birthdays really are cool... I choose not to have cancer but it has taught me many things one of which is Birthdays Aint So Bad :-)

Much Love and thanks...especially to you Fran xxx

Tony xx

p.s. Here's to next year!


  1. love to an amazing person with or without cancer. xxx

  2. Glad you had a happy birthday. I wish you good news in couple of weeks. In the meantime enjoy and get on your bike! x

  3. Many Happy Returns big fella - have called in the cavalry to my hospital bedside with suitable provisions to enable a belated toast - Boddies seems to be going down well!

    Thanks for keeping a weathered eye on my blog - the forums, CC and Mac, are proving a bridge too far on this freebie hospital access.


    David (Tony)

  4. amen to that tony ! what a great time birthdays can b if you let them n if you are surrounded by love and a few pressies thrown in of course adds to the pleasure, heres to next years !!!!!xxxx luv ma n pa xxxxx

  5. Hey Bonny Lad - Happy Birthday to you!
    I'm a little late, sorry - just catching up today. Sounds like you had a really special day. You are clearly much loved by many people - here's to next year indeed.
    Much love
    Shents xx

  6. belated congrats !!!Sounds like a great day and those pies sound really good.
    All good wishes for the results.
    Rose xxx