Sunday, 27 March 2011

Day 472 - Pain

Hello All,

Sorry I have not been around - I have been working on controlling the pain I have. I must add that I haven't been very successful and have just worked out why.

Up until last week I have been trying to deal with it on my own as didn't want to admit that yet another 'thing' needed medical help...I was wrong and am suffering more than I needed to for my stubbornness.

At the site of the original tumour I have a lot of scar tissue and cancer no tumours showed up on the scan it is believed that the Avastin is attacking the scar tissue and any rogue cancer cells, which is ultimately good. The pain of the intense activity is incredible...and with the medication etc the constipation adds to the last week I went to the GP surgery...

I had been self medicating on Ibuprofen and Codeine which hit the spot for 3 hours of the 6 hour cycle. My GP noted that we needed to get a more consistent and level reaction to the medication so prescribed Tramadol x1 (24hr) tablet. This worked for 6.5 hours so the following night I tried x2, which lasted for 18hrs and finally the maximum dose of x3 which lasted for 19 hrs. Each of the doses have been topped up with back to the drawing board.

I spoke with my Macmillan nurse via eMail who is going to put me in contact with the local palliative nurses who can carry out a full pain assessment and liaise with my GP surgery also....we will get this sorted.

I feel so guilty as I have been praying so much more since I have been in pain, but I suppose God expects that.

I am very tired and had to work from my bed last week as I could not sit for long...I have things in place to take a sabbatical from work for 3 months which starts in a week...It makes sense that as my body is recovering on week 3 so well from the chemo that the chemo and avastin continues indefinitely...however it makes no sense that if I was to continue in the same way as I have been that I would become too ill to continue with my treatment...

Parents visited last week, I made pan fried sea bass and Fran did some salad and was great to see them both also good to hear my Dad's news that he doesn't have something more sinister in his lung/s however he does have Emphysema which is bad enough...more investigations to come. We always laugh a lot when they visit which is good...wish we could see them more.

So looking forwards to next week, Irinotecan No8 and Avastin No5....Pain relief at last...

Catherine not very happy as lost her dream house - I feel sad for her and Mark however it was not meant to be and something better wil come along when the time is right. Charlotte doing well in exam year, I went to her open evening a couple of weeks ago and she is doing good and just needs a final push to get the grades she needs to get a college place.

Me with my Happy Face!

God Bless and Much Love to all.

Tony xxx


  1. Thanks for update Tony. You don't have to suffer in silence, fingers crossed for better days ahead. And of course, my regular candle lighting in Faliraki x

  2. glad your getting it sorted you will feel sooo much better without that pain n knowing the nurses are very good at dealing with peoples pain relief , we enjoyed our visit n specially our lovely lunch , much love to all ma n pa xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Hope the pain control can be sorted out soon mate. Whilst it is not your biggest worry in one way, it is still annoying and if it can be controlled then it should be.
    Hope you, Fran and the family had a good weekend.

    Phil x

  4. Hey Tony - really good to hear from you but sorry to hear you've been suffering so much with the pain. I truly hope you can get it sorted soon.
    Much love as always
    Shents xx

  5. So sorry you are in really drags us down after a while,Hope you are getting relief now.Keep going brave soldier !!!Christmastime I thought my time was running out but I am slowly picking up a bit,like an old hoover !!Fingers crossed for you.

  6. HI big bro ,hope the pain is easing a bit and your managing some rest !! i have got over being well jell about your lush sofa !! much love and big hugs !!thinking of all the late nights we used to have on our adventures when we were kids and our holidays at pevensey bay makes me chuckle when we went swimming in all our clothes !! love to you all little sis and the hallways xxxxx

  7. Hi Tony,

    Anything sorted with the pain relief now?

    You already know you're in my thoughts but just reminding you anyway :-)

    Hugs xxxx