Monday, 11 April 2011

What's Up Doc!

It's been a while... 

I have started to type several times in the past couple of weeks but as some very close friends of mine are going through their own challenges, couldn't find the words. They all know my personal thoughts and prayers are with them. xxx

Now a quick update on me...

I started my 3 month sabbatical from work last week, a massive thanks to Richard, Alastair and RRD for the continued support. It was the sensible solution after much deliberation as to how I am going to cope with the ongoing chemo and biological therapy. As it stands I have spent last week and this week so far in/on bed as the increased pain does not allow me to stand, lie on my back or sit. The pain was incredible and can only be described as on par with a very bad toothache or several toothaches in the same mouth. 

The Macmillan nurse from the local Ashgate Hospice has been managing my pain in conjunction with my GP Dr P and I can quite honestly say that apart from a couple of blips we are moving in the right direction...

I am on a drug called Zomorph twice a day for the main pain and have liquid Oramorph for the break-through pain in an emergency. In addition today we are trying a new drug amitriptyline to take at bed time as I am experiencing issues at 2-4am with the pain so will see how that goes.

Next step is to find the cause of the pain...

T xx


  1. just wish we could do something to help !!!!!love u lots b up to see u soon love to all ma n pa xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Gosh if 'managed' pain means staying in bed unable to stand or sit, then eeek!

    Three cheers for Macmillan nurses.