Thursday, 28 April 2011

Day 504 - Dragging on a bit...

Hello All,

Things are dragging on a bit - I am personally finding it a bit wearing to put on a happy face although through it all there are still some good events to smile about.

Better to be dragging on than the alternative...

As many of you know I have spent the past 3-4 weeks on my bed and we have now taken the edge off the pain by getting the right mix of pain relief.

I had my Oncologist meeting today attended by my Macmillan Nurse, the lovely H. As the only position I am comfortable in is lying on my side I could not sit in the waiting room so had to take up three chairs lying on my side. H walking past noticed and called me and Fran through into the examination room where I could wait for my appointment and be more comfortable.

After discussing the pain relief we moved on to finding out the source of the pain.... Dr F noted that the pain doesn't add up to being cancer related as the pain has increased quite rapidly. The last CT scan several weeks ago showed no growths in that area...therefore an MRI scan is the next step. It may be an abscess or something similar which makes sense due to other things I am experiencing.

Dr F has decided to postpone my next course of chemo/bio in case the MRI shows up anything that requires surgery, sounds like a sensible approach...that will be a space of 7 weeks between sessions so should be okay.

That's it for now so will wrap it up with prayers and much love for Barbara, Carole, Mike and Lisa for their challenges ahead.

Much Love to all,

T xxx


  1. Hi Tony,

    Glad they're giving you a break from the Chemo for a bit.
    Hopefully the MRI won't show anything that requires surgery - but if it does, then it would at least ease the pain you've been experiencing.

    When is your MRI taking place?

    Big hugs and much luv, you akreadt know you're always in my thoughts Tony

  2. oh another hurdle , i think it prob is an abcess that would account for the pain being so severe so quickly!!just hope the scan is quick n they sort it then the pain will go !!!keep your chin up , i will add Barbara ,Carole ,Mike & Lisa to my prayers hope thats ok with them ?God bless n lots love ma n pa xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Ahh bless you luv, you sound in the wars.

    Big hug


  4. lots of love as always Tone ,god bless ma n pa xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx