Monday, 2 May 2011

The Passions

I have just finished watching The Passions (In BBC's own words: The BBC's ambitious dramatisation of Jesus's last days in Jerusalem)

It is an amazing depiction and although the whole story has meaning for me there was one scene that stood out. Caiaphas the Jewish High Priest was being consoled by his wife for the decision to put Jesus before Pontious Pilate, the Roman Governor and Jesus's subsequent death by being crucified...

Caiaphas' wife proudly said "It's over, It's over because of you."  

Little did she know that this story was far from I am 2000+ years later watching the DVD



  1. That was a lovely post Tony, you are a good man i hope your pain will soon be under control....x
    I thought of you today while i was waiting for some treatment up the hospital.... when you said you had to lay on three chairs to stop the pain.
    Keep strong and all this will pass and you will have a lovely summer on your
    Debbie,(KENTMUM)on cancer chat

  2. The one and only, original, never ending story Tony. Hope all is good with you fella.