Sunday, 22 May 2011

I am Home...

Chemo did not down too well this time on Friday....straight after it had finished I was overwhelmed by the worst nausea I have ever come across. It was that bad that I spent the night at Weston Park, being sick several times.

I came home yesterday at about 4pm still feeling really sick which carried on until lunchtime today. I hadn't eaten from Breakfast Fri however I still continued to be sick which is the worst!

The Doctor reckons I need some medication prior to my appointment to calm me down as that has worked previously so we will try that again.

and now... After half a tin of mushroom soup and a slice of bread and butter I have started to feel better. Back to normality I will settle down watching TV.

Much Love to all.

Tony xxxx


  1. Oh Tony sounds like you've been through the mill.
    Hope you continue to pick up.
    Thinking about you
    Much love
    Shents x

  2. Blimey Tony - that's sounds like it was a truly horrendous 48 hrs :-(

    Hopefully whatever they give you next time will work to sort out the sickness.

    Mushroom soup is good comfort food :-)

    Hugs and much luv, as always xxxx

  3. oh you poor thing ,its just not fair !!hope you be ok for our chicken tetrazzini friday , am looking forward so much for our stay !!love ma n pa xxxxxx

  4. Shents, Rose, Carole and David (RIP) you always have my back and for that I am truly thankful.

    Much Love

    T xxx

  5. Mum, I am so looking forward to you staying whilst Fran and Charlotte are away to look after your boy...Chicken Tetrazzini, My appetite is comeing back just thinking of that.. Much Love Tony xxx