Saturday, 7 May 2011

Next steps

Hi all,

The MRI scan to attempt to find out where the pain in my pelvic area is coming from is booked in for next Wednesday 11th May.  Once I have the MRI scan they will be able to tell if it is an abscess, as suspected.

I have been told that if it is found to be an abscess they will book me in for surgery fairly quickly which I am praying for. One part of me wants them to find nothing and for the blame to be on scar tissue although deep down I want an end to being bed ridden and free from pain.

Also I want it to be sorted out asap so that my 'postponed' chemo and bio can be restarted and my main treatment can continue.

God bless all,

Much Love

Tony xx


  1. Hi Tony,

    I don't want you to have to have more surgery but I also don't want you to keep having this ongoing pain - so based on *that* I hope you have surgery and I hope it gets rid of this pain.

    Always here, huge hugs xxxx

  2. May all you wish for come true.It is true that sometimes the treatment is worse than the condition.I hope it all works out for you Tony.
    Rose xxxx

  3. wishing for the drs to get it sorted so you can get back on your bike and do things , also to be back on the treatment !!!lots love as always ma n pa

  4. Much love and prayers coming your way Tony. Hope this pain eases up and you can continue with your treatment and get better. xxx

  5. That day will soon be here Tony, please God they will find the tiniest of abscess and quickly treat it so you can get back on your feet again.
    I know how painfull some things can be.... you are almost driven mad with pain, once before i was dx i kept taking pain killers all night, over and over again, crying and begging God for relief.
    Thank God i was dx soon after, i dont think i could have gone on much longer in pain.
    Be strong, keep the thoughts of getting up and carrying on your life as before.
    Love Debbie(kentmum)on cancer

  6. Good luck tomorrow Tony. Keeping everything crossed for a good outcome.


  7. much love and the biggest of hugs for my big bro ... love you your little sis xxxx

  8. Thank you for sharing your journey for the world to see. I hope they find the solution to your pain so you can continue down your treatment path. Keep strong! :)