Monday, 16 May 2011

Good News - too true!

I received an email from my Oncologist today which notes the following:

On review of my MRI scan they couldn't find a cause for my pain.

Some scarring was observed which is expected from my previous treatment but there is no evidence of cancer recurrence or of any abscesses in my pelvic area.

So sort of good news and the bad news i.e. Good news they didn't find anything sinister and bad news they didn't find an abscess and a potential end to my pain.

My oncologist is going to refer me to a pain specialist who will look into my current pain management and I am hoping a way to enable me to be able to walk and stand for more than 10 minutes.

So blog readers, praise the lord that I do not have a recurrence of my cancer in my pelvis and the go ahead that I can recommence my chemo and biological treatments which is ultimately the best news.

Much Love 

Tony xxxx


  1. So glad it is not caused by anything horrible.At least now they can look at other options and hopefully find something suitable for you.We must be thankful for every bit of good news we get these days !!!
    Good luck for the next step

  2. Tony my darlin - that's great news - just hope now that they can find you something to relieve you of the pain.
    Really really great news

  3. just hope the dr at pain clinic will sort things out so you can get on your bike!!! ,all our love see you soon !love ma n pa xxxxxx

  4. good news indeed on the cancer Tony. pain management is not so good but remember Edison took several attempts to get the light bulb right. you have to go through the wrong options to get to the right answer.

  5. Congratulations on no more cancer, but also on getting pain sorted in less than the 5 months it took me - nobody is interested in finding the cause of my pelvic pain which annoys me rather. They just throw pain relief (62mg/hour of fentanyl) at it and tell me "it's just the cancer" despite no evidence to that effect in the 12 months I've had it. I'm adamant it's radiation damage!

  6. Thanks for the congrats Lisa.

    I am glad that there is no recurrence of the primary and still have the secondaries to contend with. Good that I dont need further surgery as I can continue with the Irene and Avastin as it was showing previously that it was working.

    Speak soon

    T x

  7. I hope you can get something for that pain Tony, hang in there and as Ann says, "on your bike"!

  8. Thanks Sarah, getting it sorted....and yes Ann (my mum) shouldn't be encouraging me to get on my bike. xx