Thursday, 6 October 2011

Way Back When - 2001

I really wish I had kept my fitness regime...this video was taken in 2001 -  I went to an inter club Karate competition to help our strong team warm up....Darren Pettifer hurt his back after winning all his fights to help 

our blackbelt team reach the finals...due to Darren having an injured back I took his place...

Due to my size I was never as agile as some but my size came in handy when this blackbelt was obviously 

backing off...He won in the end and I gained some valuable experience!


  1. Well, I've watched it and I'm still not sure what I've seen but well done you anyway! It's great to remember fitter and more agile times...

  2. The videos stay as real memories. Nice and thanks for sharing. Good to see you people.

  3. Hi Tony, Nicky here just responding to message you left on Carols blog. My Stevies cancer was rectal the same as Carole's but not as advanced and slightly better positioned. He came very close to losing his rectum but luckily escaped. I'm at work at mo but will try and write a better response sometime. I've been following a number of these blogs in the shadows. Maybe I should 'come out' more often... Much love, Nicky x

  4. Hi Nicky,

    Thanks for the response. I had my ileostomy reversal June of last year and still am having trouble. There is a lot to contend with as I am now haveing large doses of chemo which are messing with regular bowel movements as the doses of steroids tend to make me constipated for a couple of days until the chemo kicks in which gives me nuclear level diarrhoea. I do understand though about getting the diet right as it can even help me with all I have to contend with. I had the reversal back in June 2010 and found out by October of that year that I had secondary cancers in my pelvic and chest regions with a tumour in my liver. I did however have several months of trying to get my bowels under control before I found out there was other stuff to contend with....Plain foods were the order of the day which dont have to be boring...I could have a nice juicy chicken dinner ar steak casserole with dumplings just not too rich and spicy....I do hope it works out as it can be a bit of a losing battle so I have heard from others...Much Love, Tony xxxx