Thursday, 3 November 2011

The latest - 03rd November 2011

Hi All,

I have returned from my oncologist appointment today...Dr F my usual oncologist was not around so I spoke with a lovely registrar instead. Sometimes when you see a registrar and not the person who sets your mind at ease, your heart sinks a little but today she did a great job!

I took Fran with me today as my mind is a little wobbly and she helps to fill in the gaps :-)

The outcome is as follows...

Due to the fact the chemo is finally started to take its toll we agreed that a breather from the treatment would be in order....we haven't decided for how long..that will be determined after the results of my next CT scan are in and reviewed - The CT scan is due in the next couple of weeks after-which I will make an appt with Dr F via her secretary.

The symptoms I am currently exhibiting apart from the usual are blood in my urine, burning pain when having a wee (could be another infection). Difficulty walking and standing, night sweats (Fran reckons it could be the menopause)...Severe tiredness, multiple occurrences of severe diarrhoea which leaves me dehydrated (I have a supply of diaorylite).

The brilliant Macmillan Nurse H has just called me to let me know that my blood test has come back clear apart from a slight raise in white cell count. I am to call her Monday to get the results of my murky sample I dropped off today....I have already had two lots of anti-biotics ...I will update you on Monday as to the results etc.

So hopefully the rest from the chemo (Irinotecan) and biological warfare (Avastin) will allow me some normality although don't want a rest for too long and allow the nasty cancer to grow!!!

My prayers are with my dear friend Carole who has been following my illness in a similar direction for the past couple of years...unfortunately a cancerous lump (secondary) has been located in her spine which is currently being investigated...she is a brave soldier and quite often shows me the way in this dark tunnel we travel in!

Much Love and Prayers to you all

Tony xxxx


  1. heres to a bit of normality !!xx we will be also thinking of your friend carol whom i see pops up often with her encouraging words and thoughts for you!!much love and the biggest hugs to you big bro!!!xxx

  2. Hi Tony,

    I think that is just what you need, a break from treatment to regain your strength...not that you're not strong enough of course - just that sometimes you need a break from it.

    As for the dark tunnel Tony, you've helped me see the bright light at the end of it too, when I've had periods of banging into walls instead of going the right way, I say we guide each other, (like the blind leading the blind) LOL & big hugs xxXXxx

    Oh and Hi to little sis above too :-)) xx

  3. Hello Tony!! keep your chin up , you can get a bit fitter ,so you can enjoy the break -it will give you the chance to get out a bit more without worrying where the nearest toilet is !!!: ) much love to all ma n pa xxxxxxxp.

  4. Hi Tony - I tried to post something on here the other day, but it must have disappeared!

    Just wanted to say that I'm glad you're having a bit of a breather. You so deserve a break from the treatment and to experience a little bit of normality again (whatever that is.)

    Thinking of you every day, along with our dear buddy Carole.