Wednesday, 16 November 2011

CT Scan today

Hi All,

Quick update...

I sort of had my CT scan today and am hoping it works okay. Firstly you drink about a litre of water then when that has passed into your system you are taken to the CT scanner. At Chesterfield they have a portable one on the back of an artic lorry with all the high tech that is needed. Before they scan you they have to put in a big cannular so as to inject some contrast liquid to assist your veins showing up on the picture.

Unfortunately it took about 30 minutes for the cannular to be put in my arm and then when it was time to inject the contrast liquid it went into my arm instead of into my vein so made my arm swell up...

Thankfully some went into the vein so I will have to wait for the scan to be properly reviewed to see if it needs to be retaken!

Oh well, stuff happens... :-)


  1. By gum you're an awkward bugger ;-)

    Hope it's all ok

    Much love
    Shents x

  2. Tony my friend I've just realised where you live! How long have you been in that part of the world? I spent a few years in Derbyshire as a little girl, terraced cottage in Darley Dale, school at St Elphin's and Churchdown primary, mum worked at Shand, two bob on saturdays to go to the Lido - sixpence to get in, sixpence for chips and sixpence each way on the bus (or walk three miles there and back to have more spends) Of course you might have only been there a few years and be thinking...what is the woman on about? But it's been a happy trip down memory (green) lane for me. Hope your arm feels better today, that the scan worked and the results are promising.

  3. Here's to hearing some good news!