Sunday, 13 November 2011

Decisions, Decisions...

Fran and I have been having a chat today as to the decisions I am going to have to make. There is no more time to put them off...

As most of you know I have an ulcer just inside my colon on the site where the previous surgery to join the two areas together. As I am taking a breather from Chemo the side effects have started to slow down a bit so the primary area of concern is the pain in the ulcer. The pain is pretty much under control but it is frustrating for me that had I not developed the ulcer I would be feeling pretty good.

The reason the decision is crucial in my current treatment plan relates to the fact that I shortly will be at the point where I have been off Avastin for 6 weeks, which I need to be before any further surgery can be effected. Avastin prevents wounds healing and new blood vessels developing which are needed for the healing process.

Therefore the decision relates to should I have surgery on the ulcer to remove a reasonably sized section of my large colon, thus removing the ulcer and any further need for pain relief that I am currently taking. The surgery would unfortunately leave me with the requirement for a permanent Colostomy at the same time as removing the current pain and pain relief drug regime.

It all sounds sensible but I still have the memory of the last similar surgery I had in January 2010 which put me in hospital for 7 painful weeks due to complications instead of the usual 1-2 weeks. Also due to a stitch falling out of my colostomy the output came out below the skin line so the colostomy bag leaked constantly leaving the area very sore. However I do understand there are ways to ensure this time things will be better.

I am to have my CT Scan next Weds 16Nov to check progress of the Chemo, we will review the results which will determine how long the rest from Chemo will be, so lots to consider.

I am sure with prayer and Fran's help the right decisions will be made.

Much Love to all

Tony xxx


  1. thoughts n prayers with you all,if they can promise that the colostomy bag will be fixed ok !! then that would make you feel a bit more confident , what a decision but would be so lovely to get rid of the pain ,but is it a ready made decision from somewhere that you have to take a break from chemo?? lots of love ma n pa xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Prayers and best wishes from your NZ family. I trust the surgeons wil get it right this time! My colostomy went pretty smoothly and no issues with leakage, but there was some residual infection from the perforation which needs daily dressing. We can be called "the bagmen"