Sunday, 28 February 2010

Day 80 - Sun 28/02/2010


Before I start the rambling I would just like to say a massive thank-you for the support from Family, Friends, Thirdspace Crowd (which are like family and friends), Our Church and circuit. You are all very special!

I am back on day release...again. I came out last Saturday which was okay but still felt pretty rough and dehydrated as the Stoma working overtime...

This weekend is better and so far all has been okay :-)

The last time I posted was the night before I went into hospital and whilst most have already spoken to me and have been forced to listen to my story so far there may be some that want to know the latest.

Not been up to keeping in touch with anyone for a bit as the 8-10 days in hospital has turned into 6 weeks so far with no leave date as yet - This is looking better though as the drip may have to feed me saline and glucose for a while yet so rather than stay in hospital they are actively looking into getting me trained up on all the equipment needed to have 2litres overnight which the doctors believe should be enough in my current state.

There have been a few complications although I was told the actual operation went quite well.

First my small intestine stopped working completely which made me very very sick, then when the doctor cleaned it all out it started to work only a little too well and anything I ate or drank was going through and stripping all the electrolytes out of my body which made me black out in the toilet and very dehydrated.

They have tried various things over the weeks and have now put me on a litre of what is called st.marks fluid (sugar and salt water). I can't drink anything else apart from that litre in 24hrs and am on a drip.

This started to work alongside the cocktail of drugs to slow things down until Sat when it went crazy again!

They are looking into solutions at the moment??

Inbetween all of that - have had a throat infection, blocked catheter which resulted in one of the worst pains ever and a urine infection. Also my wound burst a bit after they took out the 29 staples and was infected (yuk). I also had an abcess where they joined the two parts of my bowel etc together and today I had a proctogram (you don't want to know).
I am on a tight timescale to get things sorted as I have a 5 week (every weekday mon-fri) course of radiotherapy, with a single 21 day cycle of chemo (14 days on,7 days off) planned for 2-4 weeks time. Once that is completed I have a further 3 month course of Chemo to complete - all this because the cancer spread to my lymph nodes although the consultant is confident they got it all.

Not much to say really :-(....

So with the help of my god and family and friends I have got through this far...

By the way and not as an afterthought... Fran has been the top person (as of course she should be) always there, delaing with my manic depressive personality over the past could of months,

Love to all.

Tony xx

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  1. Good to see they are letting you out on day release Tony. One day at at time buddy. Chemo is easy after everything else you have done just be prepared for the tiredness it really gets you. (we'll talk on that one nearer thet time). Meanwhile keep your chin up mate and keep on smiling. You have done a sterling job to get this far and the recovery is always the long haul. Keep well buddy, my thoughts are with you.