Sunday, 14 March 2010

Day 94 - 14/03/2010

Happy Mothers Day to my Mum and My Frances and indeed all the Mothers out there!

Well, back at last from hospital after 7 looooong weeks. There were some good times in amongst the illnesses (not just mine but other patients as well). There were some very sad times (RIP Terry Hearnshaw).

Operation out the way, cant reverse prematurely so the issues with my overactive bowel can't be addressed via other than natural means for 3-6 months. This means that I have to have fluids connected to me overnight. The amazing NHS have provided a homecare package in order that I dont have to stay in hospital for 3-6 months. A nurse comes to connect up at night and disconnects me in the morning. They will continue until Fran is confident in the sterile protocols as the PIC line has a direct route to my heart!

I must say Fran did the connection last night and the disconnection this morning brilliantly under supervision and I have every confidence she will get it sorted and we will be self sufficient very shortly. The only problem is when she is at work - we have discovered that I cannot carry it out one handed as it is just too difficult and dangerous! Therefore the Bupa Homecare team are to look at this and come up with a plan.

I have had my Radiotherapy scan appointment for Thu 26Mar at 10.30 afterwhich the Radiotherapy and Chemo should start shortly afterwards...I will let you all know how that goes.

It all sounds rosey however after we had the first connection on Thursday evening I sat on the sofa with my rucksack full of the 2litres of fluid on a small drip stand and a moment of realisation set it...this was accompanied by panic and fear...for the first time I really had a good cry for about 10 mins then moved on. As always Fran was there to hug and reassure me.

Fran has also worked out a theory/plan of eating and drug taking (prescribed :-) )... It worked really well and consists of regular meals and no eating past 6pm. This allows for my overactive digestive system to work through and I get to empty my stoma at midnight and sleep the night through. I am at the moment sleeping really well however still set my clock for every two hours so I can check my stoma is okay....we dont what it to burst in the night...Again!

Finally I have a new addition...A simple tubigrip bandage which is keeping everything together and the PICC line not flapping about in the wind, catching on my jumper etc...eureka!

All the very best to all my lovely friends and RIP to Yvonne Minter a long time dear friend who sadly passed away after suffering with Cancer, last week. I am sad that I wont make the funeral in Thatcham on Tuesday< I am sure she will understand!

Still praying and wrestling...onwards!

T xx


  1. hi tony glad your home !!dont forget if you want us when frans at work we can help wont mind connecting you !!stay strong !!we have more photos featuring many different hair styles and all looking slightly younger!!
    see you soon big bro love to you on mummys day hugs to fran xxxxx

  2. thanks for flowers n card tony and francis they are lovely xxxxx you know we are here to come up n stay when francis is working , see how these couple of days go n we take it from there, hang on in there son n thanks for the updates speak soon luv mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Welcome hime big guy. Now the road to recovery begins :-)

    And to add to your message. RIP Yvonne Minter, a great lady with a great laugh. We will all miss her greatly.